The Strengths and Weaknesses of Kelvin Benjamin
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Kelvin Benjamin Scouting Report

A look at the strengths and weaknesses of the big bodied receiver as he tries to establish himself in Buffalo

Kelvin Benjamin Scouting Report

Kelvin Benjamin Information

Number: 13

Position: WR (X,Y)

Age: 27

College: Florida State University

Draft Pick: 28-1st-CAR

Career Games Played: 49

Career Games Started: 44

Career Games Won: 23

Injury History: Oct 12, 2014 Head Cranial Concussion Grade 1: After taking a big hit from Vontaze Burfict, Benjamin was diagnosed with a Grade 1 Concussion but played the following week

May 14, 2015: Thigh Hamstring Sprain/Pull Unspecified Grade 1: Benjamin dealt with hamstring strains in May and June. He started training camp on time and said he was back to 100%.

Aug 19, 2015 Knee ACL Tear Grade 3: Benjamin tore his left ACL in a non-contact preseason drill and was done for the season. He had surgery Sept. 10.

Nov 17, 2016 Shoulder: Benjamin suffered a minor shoulder injury but returned to the game and player through it.

Nov 19, 2017 Knee Meniscus Tear: Benjamin tore his right meniscus in Week 11. He missed 2 games then played through it the rest of the way. He underwent offseason surgery.

Key Stats: 2014- Led CAR in Targets (145), REC TDS (9).

2014- Tied for most REC YDS (1008).

2016- Led CAR in REC TDS (7).


Height: 6050

Weight: 240

40Yard: 4.61

10Yard: 1.67

Arm: 34.88

Hand: 10.25

Vertical: 32.5

3cone: 7.33

ProSchuttle: 4.39

Broad Jump: 117

Bench Press: 13

Games Scouted

BUF@CAR 9/17---PHI@CAR 10/12---CAR@TB 10/29---IND@BUF 12/10---BUF@NE 12/24

Strengths: Competitive Toughness, Play Strength, Hands, Adjust to Ball/Body Control, Release, Mental Processing

Weaknesses: Speed, Agility, Run Blocking

Projection: Starting Outside Receiver who will rely on his Big Frame, Hands, and Release to Succeed

Scheme Fit: A system which will utilize his skill set in intermediate/deep routes. A scheme where they can isolate him and take advantage of his Release, Frame, and Hands on In or Out Routes and are willing to give him a chance on deep ball. A scheme which does not put him in situations where he has to make a key block.

Summary: Kelvin Benjamin is entering his 5th year in the NFL as an Outside Wide Receiver. The former first round pick caught the GW TD in the national championship for Florida State in his final collegiate season. He suffered an ACL tear during the preseason of his second year in 2015. After leading the Carolina Panthers in REC TDS in his first two full seasons with the team, he was traded midway through the 2017 season to the Buffalo Bills. Kelvin Benjamin possesses elite height, weight, and arm length at the receiver position while possessing solid acceleration yet marginal speed and agility. His very good play strength allows him to get off the LOS against Press Coverage. He uses his size and strength to maintain his route stem and uses his good mental processing to identify and find gaps in Zone Defense or breaks down a CB in Man Coverage to manipulate his hips.

Benjamin has solid play speed and is able to create separation through flipping his hips and shoulders quickly on round cuts at the top of his route stem and then relying on his elite frame and very good play strength to box out the defender. He then possesses a very good combination of hands and ability to adjust to the ball. Benjamin is very good at finding the ball and contorting his body to be able to make difficult catches with his hands whether the pass be high or low. He possesses solid YAC ability because of his solid acceleration and seamless transition from catching to running with the ball. Kelvin Benjamin demonstrates very good competitive toughness and displays his energy and passion after successful plays. Similar to his performance National Championship, Benjamin continues to deliver in clutch situations in the NFL. Over 81% of his receptions in 4th quarters during the 2017 season resulted in first downs.

Benjamin does have marginal athletic ability and will not beat defenders with his speed, explosion, or agility limiting his route tree. He has adequate separation quickness and struggles to drop his hips and make sharp cuts. His displays poor effort in run blocking. This along with his inability to drop his hips and move to sustain a block as well as a marginal understanding of angles makes him a liability as a blocker in the run game. Benjamin is a Starting Outside Receiver that can be very valuable to a team's passing offense. He is most valuable on deep/intermediate routes where he can utilize his frame, play strength, body control, and hands to box out defenders and make difficult catches. He lacks the speed to be effective in short routes and also lacks the technique and desire to run block.

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