The Importance Of Keeping In Touch With Family While Away At College

The Importance Of Keeping In Touch With Family While Away At College

No matter what type (or how many) of conflicts you've had over the years with them, they're your family.

Your family, whether biological or adoptive, helped raise you to be the person you are today. Your parents told you stories of the hiccups in their lives so that we wouldn't make the same mistakes they did. We were raised to have the opportunities that they never did, and for that, we love them. Older siblings helped introduce you to the new things, whether it was music, clothing styles, or their friends that they didn't want to share. They helped you grow into the world of confusion and were there for you whenever you needed them. No matter what type (or how many) of conflicts you've had over the years with them, they're your family, and that's something you should always remember.

When we're away at college, we tend to drift away from the people we were in high school, and away from those previously involved in our lives. After a few months, your life has become so busy with school and work that you feel like there's no time to make new friends or keep in contact with old one. Your time is running away from you. The main problem with this situation is that your family is included in the group of people who you feel like you don't have time for, and it sucks.

I've always been close with my parents. I enjoy letting them in on my life, telling them stories of my experiences away from home and allowing them to get to know the person I am to my friends as well as the person I am when prying eyes are turned away. They are my lifeline, and that's not just because I want them to continue funding my education. I can call anytime when I have a problem in my life and I'm sure to receive sound advice on how to handle the situations. And they give you the advice without an ounce of annoyance in their voices, which we can't always count on with friends.

Siblings fight, and that's a given, especially when you're the same gender and close in age, but they are always open to hear you out whenever you have any issues. Just like parents, they are open to give you the advice you need to hear, and unlike parents, the advice they give you comes from a more relevant place because they experienced similar problems around the same time in their lives as you.

Take it from someone graduating a year early – time passes by fast in college. There comes a point when you need family to lift up your spirits to help you get through even just a normal week. Whether it's just a phone call or a trip back home, family can do wonders to your confidence and livelihood when you're swamped with college. It's important to maintain that relationship, because the truth is, your family probably misses you more than you think.

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3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

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The Shape Of The Monster: Depression

The second piece in a series about mental illness.


The last thing I want to do is glorify mental illness, give it a platform, give it a name. But I need to talk about it, to work through it, to show that it's something many people experience.

It goes like this.

Hey! Sorry I haven't called you back. Everything has been so busy.

Every time I think about even picking up the phone and calling you, something heavy but familiar sets in my stomach like a weight.

You know how things get.

You know how easy it is to want to slip into absolute nothingness, right?

I've been trying to write, but my writer's block has been limiting me a lot.

Everything I write is so bad. The flow is off. It doesn't sound like me. It feels so crooked and wrong. I can't do anything right.

How are things? Has work been alright?

I hope you feel successful. I hope things are easier for you. I hope you are as happy as you seem.

I'm okay.

I don't want to be here. I don't want to be anywhere. I feel crooked and wrong like I just want to scream and cry and dissolve.

I've just been so tired!

I have been tired for at least a decade. Tired of never sleeping. Tired of never feeling anything more than either absolute devastation and absolute nothingness. Tired. Tired. Tired.

I hope I can see you soon.

I hope I can bring myself to get out of bed and out into the world. I hope I can force myself to shower, and get dressed, and be a contributor to society, to social obligations.

I miss you.

I miss you.

I love you.

I love you.

I promise to call as soon as things lighten up a bit.

As long as the chemical imbalance doesn't destroy me altogether, hopefully, I can feign vague interest for a short phone call.


Goodbye for now, maybe goodbye forever, maybe I'll work up the courage to call you in another 2, 5, 7 weeks or so. My life is made of "maybes." Maybe one-day things will be better. Maybe one day I'll be happy. Maybe one day I won't be anything. Maybe.

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