Year after year, we make these promises to ourselves that are ultimately supposed to better our lives. Overall, I'm sure there are a number of selected individuals who actually stick to their promise, but most of us probably break them by March. Whether you promised to "be healthier," or "stop drunk-crying in the bathrooms of bars", life gets messy and sometimes those little resolutions slip our minds. Honestly, I don't even make one most of the time (just to show you how much I believe in myself).

So don't feel bad next time you find yourself eating Chick-fil-a, or drunk-sobbing to a random girl in the bathroom. But, for the few strong-willed people that keep it together and don't break their resolution: good job to you, I aspire (but know I won't) be like you one day. For the rest of us, this is how the whole "resolution" thing goes, as told by the beloved "The Office":

1. You look back on the past year and realize you're kind of a hot mess and need to get your shit together

This is an eye-opener, motivational moment. You feel determined to become a less mediocre person, but you also know, in the back of your head, that this resolution has little hope of lasting all year.

(Also, this usually occurs before New Year's Eve, aka before you go to a party and get drunk because the only person kissin' you at midnight is whatever is in your cup.)

2. You go to a wild NYE for one last hurrah before becoming a "better version of yourself"

Live it up, girly, because after this you're going to do what every basic girl captions her new year pic; become a "new you" (shoutout to all the people who have ever captioned their picture with "new year, new me" ;) ).

3. You wake up hungover the next morning and tell yourself you are SERIOUSLY getting your shit together now

^ How I look myself in the mirror saying "OK sweetie, this is the year you're going to stop being terrible."

4. It's a week or so into the new year and you're kind of staying true to your resolution

My resolution is usually to eat better, so this is typically what it looks like^. At this time your fully embracing this "new way of life" and have probably made it known on all forms of social media, because everyone cares that you went running and ate a vegetable. But kudos to you for keeping your promise for more than 24 hours!!

5. As the weeks pass, your ambition starts to gradually dwindle

You start to see yourself slowly slip back into the old you. This can be kind of a downer, but could also be used as a chance to re-motivate yourself to keep your resolution, (I don't usually do this, but I definitely encourage others who are trying to better themselves to do this).

6. You've basically have thrown in the towel on your resolution

Whether it's school, work, family or just life in general, things get stressful and if you don't value your resolution as a priority, it will probably get lost in the mess of what is life. But just because you seem to be slacking on your resolution, doesn't mean you have to completely abandon it. You can always just keep it as a little reminder in the back of your head to be a better you.

Or you can just forget it completely, New Year resolutions were so two months ago, right?