Keeping It Light

It's no secret that distance changes all types of relationships, especially in a college or when abroad. Someone you used to talk to every day may now be someone you talk to once a week or once every couple of weeks. It gets confusing because the dynamic between friends and even siblings automatically differs when you put hundreds of miles between them. It almost feels like our relationships are forced to change when going into experiences such as college.

Knowing that change is approaching is definitely hard. How can we prepare for it? There really is no right answer to this question as I have asked myself it time and time again this first semester of college. So, I have come up with a few answers or tips for myself and anyone else who is experiencing these changes in relationships with a friend or partner.

First off, these alterations in our relationships are normal. They must be, right? We can’t possibly expect to keep everything the same because then we can never progress. People, including myself, are often scared of change and look at it in a negative light, but change is what allows life to move along and develop. Things are going to change and people are going to change and we just need to accept it.

Second, we need to make as much effort as possible to not get upset with the person on the other side of our relationships. They’re going through the same thing. With that being said, everyone handles these types of situations differently. This is another big lesson that I am learning. Just because someone isn’t showing as much emotion doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling as much as you are. Always consider both sides.

Lastly, and most importantly, we have to keep a positive attitude. This one has most definitely been the hardest for me because having complete control over our emotions is almost impossible. We are going to feel down at times, that’s life.

But, if we keep our conversations light and avoid tension, we won’t have to be forced into bad moods or serious talks. Trying to be as lively as possible when talking to a now distant friend is the best thing to do. It reassures both parties that the connection between friends doesn’t have to end even when their relationship is being modified. Keep this in mind, and keep it happy and upbeat. Change is good. It’ll help us figure ourselves out in the long run.

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