Keeping Your Dog Safe And Warm For The Winter

This winter, make sure you are keeping your dogs safe from the cold weather. Of course, different breeds of dogs react differently to the cold, depending on their size and thickness of their fur. But, even the furriest of dogs can hurt their paws if they are left in the cold for too long. Here are a few tips for keeping all dogs warm this winter! No one wants their furry best friend to get hurt or sick!

1. Keep them inside or somewhere heated if it is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to the Pet Plan, pet insurance, any kid of dog breed should not be left outside in the cold for longer than fifteen minutes if it is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold weather can change their heart beat dramatically, and can make it hard for them to breath. In addition, dogs can get colds too, and leaving them outside for too long can increase their chances of getting sick.

2. Buy them mittens

Of course, most dogs do not like the idea of wearing socks or mittens, or any other outfit for that matter, but to protect their paws from the snow and ice mittens are the best thing! While your dog runs through the yard, ice chunks are likely to stick to their paws, especially if your dog has long fur. Mittens or even just a pair of your socks will keep the ice off them and keep their paws warmer. However, until they get used to wearing them, you might have to fetch them from the yard a few times!

3. Layers on layers on layers

Just like people, animals will be warmer with each layer you put on them. If your dog has a thin fur coat, buy them a thick sweater! Your dog will stay warm and you'll laugh at how cute they look every time they go outside. Also, have a warm towel or blanket ready for them when they come in. What a perfect time to cuddle!

4. Keep their fur by their paws trimmed

As I mentioned before, dogs that have long fur on their paws are more likely to have ice balls stuck to them as they walk through the snow. If you keep their fur just between their claws trimmed, they won't have to worry about the cold, uncomfortable ice stuck to them while they are running around the yard. Only cut the fur on their paws when you have to, otherwise, you might be taking away some of their natural heat their bodies were built with!

5. Shovel a pathway for them

Would you like crawling through snow that is stacked higher than you are? Especially with small dogs, the higher the snow, the harder it is to move around. If they're stuck in the same place, they are not going to be able to run around and keep warm. Simply shovel a small space in the yard for your dog to get to to do their business, and they'll be ready to come back inside in no time!

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