Why I Keep Scrolling
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Politics and Activism

Why I Keep Scrolling

What is the point in interacting with people who will find every reason to tell me I'm wrong?

Why I Keep Scrolling

I know exactly what you're thinking, whether you're a Democrat or Republican.

You're either thinking one of two ways: you're actually interested in what I have to say regarding my political views or you are simply here to see if I state anything that you disagree with. And no matter which way you are thinking, at least my writing is causing you to stop and think.

Now, politics have increasingly become a hot topic among most people no matter their age, gender, or affiliation. However, politics have also become annoying to those who aren't entirely left or right on the political spectrum.

You're either hearing about how conservatives are insensitive and racist or you're hearing about how liberals are overbearing and snowflakes. And when you're stuck in the part of the spectrum where you're moderate or somewhat leaning, it's annoying to be associated with the derogatory terms used for the extremists of either political party.

It is also annoying when this is all you hear about when you watch the news or all you see when you're scrolling through Twitter.

I want to make this very clear: I am in no way degrading those who are very liberal or very conservative. Everyone has their opinions and I know everyone wants to stand up for what they believe to be true. I am simply informing everyone how although I am not entirely submersed in politics, I still have a stance that should not be confused with anyone else's, nor should it be ridiculed because I "don't care enough."

I consider myself a leaning conservative. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and flexible gun control laws. I heavily believe that welfare is not meant to be lived off of and that the people on welfare should be monitored through drug screenings and their yearly income. However, I do not think that a woman's right to choose should be revoked; just because I personally would never get an abortion due to my religious background doesn't mean that someone else should never get one. I believe abortion is murder, but I also believe that it's not my place to tell someone they should not have an abortion. Everyone has their own truths, so why should I force someone to believe in my truths? I also do not think people should be judged simply because of their gender identity. Yes, transgender people make me uncomfortable but, I will never ridicule them or tell them they're "just confused." They are finding themselves and experiencing life in a way that makes them feel comfortable with themselves and me, being the self-love advocate that I am, completely support that. Because everyone deserves to put themselves first and love themselves first.

Alongside my leaning, I think President Trump is doing the best he can with what he has. Though I never wanted him in office, he was the only candidate who was more in line with my opinions. Isn't that what your vote should be based on, who is more in tune with your thinking? So no, I do not appreciate when liberals question my vote because it wasn't their vote to give, it was mine.

I also do not appreciate the extreme conservatives that give others an awful initial impression of me when I say I am somewhat conservative. No, I do not "want more guns" or for "gays to burn in hell." However, I do want to see the economy become stronger again and I want to see more people working rather than sitting at home collecting Social Security checks when they are more than capable of working and making a living.

So, while both sides of this political spectrum are arguing over President Trump's next move or whether we should close or open the borders, I will be scrolling through my newsfeed ignoring every single political post because why should I bother interacting with it when I will either be referred to as a xenophobe like the rest of the conservatives or too much of a snowflake to be conservative. But, I will continue to hold my opinions and stand my ground on what I believe to be true because ultimately, my opinion does matter come Election Day; whether everyone else likes it or not.

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