Keep Politics Separate From Social Media

With the upcoming election, there has been a huge influx of political views crowding the social media feeds; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it and people's opinions are all over our timelines. All of these websites are designed with the intent that you will publicize your daily activities and memories. But recently, a trend that has been surfacing among social media outlets is publishing political views and opinions.

While we do live in a free country and it is completely appropriate, even encouraged, to express our political identities, I find that it is becoming increasing offensive to witness constant bickering among my online followers and “friends.”

Sometimes it gets so out of hand, it makes me want to delete my accounts.

Extremely radical views are expressed in ways that are less-than-effective. I have noticed that these approaches are often times, but not limited to, young adults who recently are able to vote and participate in elections. It is expected for this demographic who has recently been granted the freedom to vote to take an interest in politics, but there comes a point where hatred and strong views on any given party are taken too far on social media.

For example, Republican candidate Donald Trump held a rally on November 28, 2015 in my hometown of Sarasota, Florida. My social media was blowing up; it was basically impossible to NOT know he was there.

Various opinions were posted about his appearance, but a few people left me awestruck at the severity of negativity towards not only Trump, but his supporters.

Supporters and non-supporters were called out and insulted due to their particular views, personal victimization took place among certain people who publicized their attendance and pure chaos among the online community ensued. Issues related to religion, race, gender, immigration and multiple other controversial factors have been correlated with specific candidates. Therefore, if a person is seen supporting a specific candidate, then they are supporting a certain issue. Too much stereotyping is underway.

Just because you do not agree with someone, you do not have to dislike them.

The political ideology someone possesses does not define them or their character. I consider myself to be very interested in the political realm, and yet I try to remain objective when understanding current events. I most definitely do not judge any of my friends or family for their opposing or paralleled views.

The United States has attempted to abolish these conflicts through a variation of methods. One of these was by dissolving the union of the church and state. The First Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Meaning: there is a separation of Church and state. Optimistically, this would void problems that derive from religion, but unfortunately, they still happen.

Personally, I believe our society could benefit from a social media platform that is designed to discuss politics in a civilized and controlled environment. Extremist views expressed through social media are furthering the rift between political parties and resulting in a divided society.

Social media provides one of our greatest daily influences. If the political atmosphere continues to take over, the dichotomy between parties and populations will progress.
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