As my junior year comes creeping up faster and faster, I realize that this will mark year 3 of 4 at Florida State. I have made some of the best friends ever out of the most random situations. From living on the same floor in the same dorm to a random meeting at the house, to even going from being 'so-and-so's friend' to quickly becoming one of my best friends- my friendships have been through thick and thin. The idea of leaving some of these people and not being a quick uber away makes me sadder than one can put into words.

I live exactly 0.6 miles from my 4 best friends apartment, where there are constant game nights, movies, laughs, and friendships. We sit and talk about our plans for the rest of our life, and it is shocking to think the 5 of us will soon be spread all around the country. We won't be able to send those "come over we're making cookies" texts, or even the simple "I miss you, the front door is unlocked". Our paths are even starting to move farther apart, as we can't even take any classes together because none of us share the same major, except for the rare occurrence that we have a single gen-ed left to take. I never want the moments we share sitting on the couch arguing over what to watch on Netflix, or waking up at 5 am to watch the Royal Wedding. I will never forget the laughs or the hugs, and the memories won't fade as the distance increases. That is a goodbye hug I don't want to have to make 2 years from now.

My roommates and I are splitting up after this summer as well. We are going separate paths in the sense of where we're keeping our clothes, but the idea that not sharing the same refrigerator is scary in the fact that this chapter in my life is closing. I know our friendships are strong enough to combat that distance, but it is the first realization that there may be a day where I can't walk into my own living room and see my best friends or have 3 other closets to pick from.

So whoever is reading this:

Keep your college friends close, I know I will Never let the fact that we are going to graduate in a few years scare you from not making those new friends as well. I know I'm only a junior, and when my big tells me she has only two more semesters here, that statement scares me as it is the first real goodbye I'll have to face when it comes to leaving this place.

Keep your college friends your best friends. I know I have found the rough draft to my bridesmaid's list, my favorite contacts in my phone, and the longest SnapChat streaks I will ever have.

I love you my Tallahassee besties, forever till the end of time.