5 Great Electives You Can Take at Kean University
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5 Great Electives You Can Take at Kean University

Best electives to take.

5 Great Electives You Can Take at Kean University

Kean University is a great school with hundreds of classes that can interest any individual. Every major requires electives and Kean has so many fun options. There is art, music, dance, gym, health, or language. This is a list of five election classes that I took and had a great time in!


Learn the basics of sign language! I had a wonderful teacher with a great spirit and love for the course so it was so interesting to learn. However, I do warn you that sign language takes a lot of practice but it is very rewarding.

2.HED 3400

This class is all about the human sexuality. All the professors for this class are amazing and open minded. You discuss every single topic that pertains to sex such as society views, cultures, fetishes, types of individuals, and the act of sex itself. The information is so interesting and you will look forward to going to class.


This is an introduction to theater. You learn all types of acting techniques that professionals use. I got to take this class with my best friend and we would be assigned to do random or specific skits. We get to act and express in any way we want. This was really fun and you end up bonding with many classmates.


This is another health class all about drugs. You just learn about every single type of drug, and its effects on the body. It is mostly on social issues and in my class, we are open to every individual's story dealing with drugs. I find this class very informative and helpful to know what to avoid in life and risk factors of street and prescription drugs.


History is my favorite subject and Kean offers history on any topic you can think of. From America in 1960s to history in the carribean. A personal favorite of mine is the Medieval Times era in Europe.

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