If anyone knows what it's like to grow up with a house full of brothers and sisters, it's the Kardashian's. Through the ups and downs, petty fights and laughing until you cry, life wouldn't quite be the same with your siblings.

1. When your brother or sister gets in trouble and you become the angel child for a few hours.

2. When, suddenly and out of nowhere, the tables turn and you become the delinquent.

3. When your siblings designate you as the one to ask mom on behalf of everyone.

4. When all you want after a long day is some peace and quiet, but all your younger brother wants to do is play guitar (as loud as he can) at the foot of your bed.

5. When you are forced to attend your siblings' graduations and sports games with a "good attitude".

6. When you try to have one sincere or thought-provoking conversation at the dinner table and no one takes it seriously.

7. When your older sister has friends over and you want to hang out with the "big girls" but she tells you to leave.

8. When you were younger and impulsively punched your brother and see the tears begin to form in his eyes and try to brush it off so he doesn't tell your mom.

9. When you can take your siblings' criticism like a champ.

10. But then when they take it too far and show no mercy.

11. When you bring a new friend or boyfriend home for the first time and you see them begin to realize how crazy your family is.

12. When your brother asks for your opinion on his excuse to get out of a family gathering.

13. When his excuse doesn't work and he says, "Well, at least you'll be there."

14. When you and your siblings are arguing over how you are going to get your mom to agree to a request (even though you know it will never happen).

15. When you come home for a weekend from college and realize that their lives are somehow going on without you.

16. Your mom when you and your siblings all come home from college for holiday breaks and drive her insane.

17. When your brother leaves his leftovers in the fridge with his name on it but you can't resist stealing it.

18. When your older sister gives you incredible advice from personal experience but you know you probably aren't going to learn from it.

19. When you and your brother are close in age so any boy you are interested is off limits because they are probably friends.

20. And despite the fact that you have grown up with a bunch of lunatics, you wouldn't have it any other way.

So thanks, mom, for providing me with my best friends. I *literally can't even* imagine a life without them and the myriad of memories we are able to look back on.