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10 Times The Kardashians Kept Up With Your College Graduation Stream Of Consciousness

So turns out that graduating isn't actually as easy as it seemed junior year.

10 Times The Kardashians Kept Up With Your College Graduation Stream Of Consciousness

Fall semester is halfway over, and we've all started to make plans for our future. Job hunting, applying for gap year programs, looking into Master's programs, medical school, dental school, you name it. But in order for us to progress towards our future, there is one major milestone you have to cross: Graduation.

Whether you are graduating in December, with less than 100 days to go, or in the Spring, the dreaded G-word is approaching quickly. I hope you've braced yourself.

Here's the most savage family we know convey our thoughts on graduation, one season at a time.

1. When you start out your last year

We made it to Senior year, how utterly exciting. We're the top dog, we've got no worries. We know the best places to study, where to get the best coffee, and how to avoid the traffic when eating on campus. We just have to breeze through these semesters and get to December/May.

2. When you realize graduating isn't actually as easy as it seemed junior year

From making sure your parking passes are all paid off in order to register for classes, you have to make sure all senior projects will be completed and presented on time, all transfer credits from study abroad are accounted for, all classes are still passed, and much more, you really have to stay on top of things. Oh, and you want to try and keep your sanity throughout all of this.

3. When you realize you've overbooked yourself

Everyone and their roommate is going to want to get lunch with you, you're going to want to meet with old and new professors to get possible recommendations, you're probably on the executive board of an organization or two, involved with another thing or two on campus, maybe even have a job, your friends will probably want to hang out, and you have football Saturdays. That doesn't seem to bad until you remember still have classes, homework, and exams.

4. When your family, friends, peers, professors and everyone else realizes you're graduating and wants to know what your future plans are

Expect the influx of questions from every single person that finds out you're a senior. From "what are your plans for graduation," to "where are you applying to," to "when do you plan to find settle down"- you're in for the Inquisition.

5. When you realize you won't be able to do everything you wanted to do your senior year

Sometimes you're going to have to multiple events on the same day, or you'll be scheduled to work and miss a football game, or you'll just be overwhelmed and need to cancel plans. No matter how much you plan out things, you'll never be able to do it all.

6. When your friends remind you that you guys won't be in the 10 mile vicinity after graduation

We've all acquired some amazing friends and a great support group during college, the idea of not being able to drive a few minutes to see them is terrifying.

7. Eventually, you leave your last semester before graduation to the Gods.

You're going to feel overwhelmed every 3.2 days. Its honestly inevitable. As you get to the halfway point before graduation, you'll be more than okay to leave it to the heavenly spirits above. But do remember that even the person in the skies can't help you if you miss the deadline for your online quizzes three times in a row.

8. When you hear underclassmen complaining about how busy they are

Don't get me wrong, every year of my undergrad was busy. I understand being involved with organizations and trying to do it all, but trust me when I say no greater feeling of being overwhelmed than when you are about to graduate. You forgot to send in a Honor Society application? I forgot I need to apply to graduate school and forgot to apply I need I need recommendations, and guess what, I think all my professors forgot me. Now how about that?

9. When people ask you how it feel to be so close to graduation

The thought of graduating and entering the real world is terrifying. However, its also exciting. Many of us will be entering jobs or graduate schools focuses on exactly what we enjoy. Some of us will be taking some time off before these next steps. Graduation is a compilation of so many emotions that your answer will change every week.

10. When you realize that what you've worked incredibly hard towards these past 4 years, more or less, is right around the corner

Its so refreshing to take a step back and see how all your hard work these past couple of years have paid off. All those nights in the library completing study guides or projects, the ridiculous amounts of money you've spent on coffee or Hibachi, even the times you got parking tickets for parking illegally in a teacher lot by the library. You made it.

You can see the light at the end of this whirlwind of a tunnel. You are so close to it, so man up and say the "G" word. You are graduating! Be proud and excited. Don't stop going to class, fill out your planner religiously, and get a head start on projects and quizzes. Do. Not. Procrastinate.

I know that senioritis is real. I know we feel it in every bone of our bodies, but you have come to close to mess up your GPA or just barely miss out on graduating because you missed one-too-many days of class, along with one too many bad test grades. Push through, young one! You've got this.

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