You're Entitled To Your Opinion, But If You Hate The Kardashians, You're Wrong
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You're Entitled To Your Opinion, But If You Hate The Kardashians, You're Wrong

As a young woman, it is inspiring to see badass businesswomen taking over what seems like the whole world.

You're Entitled To Your Opinion, But If You Hate The Kardashians, You're Wrong

You know one, they sit next to you in class, you may even live with one. Kardashian haters are plentiful and widespread. But why? What is it about the Kardashian Klan that makes them so unappealing? The general argument is that they do not deserve their fame or fortune; they have not worked hard enough or “done anything.” I am here to tell you that this notion is bullsh*t.

I remember watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK)" since middle school. The outrageous sisters and hilarious mishaps kept me coming back. For an hour a day, I would escape into a luxurious world of photo shoots, travel, and shopping. Their reality show was not simply an entertaining program, however, "KUWTK" broke many traditional rules.

First, it was a reality TV show - at the time watching a family's personal interactions was still a novel idea. Second, the Kardashian family is Armenian, all of the sisters have dark hair, tan skin, dark eyes, and famously curvy bodies. Although there is no doubt the Kardashian women are beautiful, they broke the mold of being blonde, stick thin, or having light eyes; this difference allows for different depictions of beautiful to rise to the surface. Lastly, the Kardashians have built an empire through personal branding and ingenious business decisions.

In 2015, Kim Kardashian was the most googled person in 26 different countries. Between the show, the DASH store, sponsorships, interviews, and photo shoots, Kim rose to the spotlight. Kylie Jenner quickly followed suit and now has surpassed her sister’s wealth. Kylie made 1 billion dollars in 18 months with her Kylie Cosmetics beauty line. On average, she has sold one product every 5 seconds.

Kylie’s net-worth is larger than Kim and Kanye West’s combined. The youngest sister is estimated to be the first billionaire of her family. Recently, Khloe Kardashian has started her own TV show "Revenge Body" - a reality weight-loss show revolving around Khloe’s own struggles with her body and getting fit.

Beyond the sales, the sisters have taken over the world of social media. The followers come in at Kourtney 61.9 million, Kim 109 million, Khloe 74.3 million, Kendall 89.3 million, Kylie 106 million, and Kris 19.7 million. With millions of people following the family, there is a huge potential to sponsor and advertise products. It is reported that Kim can make up to 500,000 dollars on a single post. With the world watching their every move, brands are more than happy to pay these steep prices to be endorsed.

In conclusion, anyone that says the Kardashians are lazy or don’t have jobs is very mistaken. These women have created a thriving empire through smart business deals and incredible branding. As a young woman, it is inspiring to see bad a** businesswomen taking over what seems like the whole world. "KUWTK" is viewed in 167 countries, has 9 spin-offs, and ranks as E! Networks number one show.
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