Does anyone remember when the worse thing Kanye West did, politically, was announce his run for presidency for 2020? Yes, it was simpler times back in pre-election 2016, when our only response to that was a carefree laugh and absolutely no worries about the impending doom our country now becomes closer and closer to reaching every day.

These days, we now have to worry about Kanye aligning himself with the far-right and pretending like they don't hate every aspect of his own race. We become frightened when we see Kanye wearing a "Make America Great Again," when really Trump's idea of a "great" America probably refers to a time when Kanye's ancestors were enslaved and tortured on a daily basis.

Celebrities have never shied away from expressing their political views, however when said celebrities can become so easily manipulated by those in power, a problem arises. No one really knows why Kanye has so suddenly jumped on the Trump bandwagon. It could be for attention, paid compensation possibly, or he might just be off his meds again.

Whatever the reason, it is a cause for concern for Kanye's fans given that the last time he went on a social media tirade and spewed whatever came to his mind, he ended up in the hospital. I'm all for free expression but when it reaches a point where it starts to risk endangering yourself it's time to put up the brakes and take a breather.

At the end of the day, Kanye West can choose to support anyone he wants to. But, the question remains: is he really choosing or is someone else doing that for him? Political endorsements are nothing new, but it just doesn't make sense to me for a black American man with two daughters of his own to openly show support for a person who has proven to be a racist, sexist, crude pig.

With the release of Kanye's new music, it's probably safe to say that he's only doing all of this to rile up some attention. But, it also must be known that this isn't the first time West has acted out in such an extreme way in an effort to entice prospective listeners.

I used to be a Kanye West fan, and maybe I will continue to be one once this all blows over. Sometimes though, it is only best to ignore the one who seeks the most attention because eventually, they will shut up.