You Are Not Just My Roommate But My Best Friend

While your freshman year roommate may simply be an inevitable part of your life, sometimes they are much more than that. Mine has been the most integral part of my first year of college.

I came to college expecting to be friends with my roommate, have some inside jokes, and grab a meal together here and there.

Fortunately, this is not what I got. Instead, I found my best friend, and the person I have more inside jokes with than I can physically count.

Roommates are tricky. You spend nearly half your day with this person, you share a small space, and you inevitably eavesdrop on private conversations. In many situations, the combination of these factors results in a hostile relationship between you and your roommate. However, to say that I lucked out would be the understatement of the century.

To my roommate, I just wanted to share a few “thanks” I have for you.

Thank you for accepting my “I don’t want to be bothered by anyone” moods.

Thank you for embracing my Cheez-It obsession and always ensuring we have an ample supply.

Thank you for never turning off The Office when I have it obnoxiously blasting.

Thank you for appreciating the same music as me and my inability to do anything without listening to music.

Thank you for disliking the same people as me, and always allowing me to excessively vent.

Thank you for being constant encouragement, especially in terms of going out at night.

Most importantly, thank you for just getting me. You appreciate my flaws and never hesitate to tell me when I’m wrong.

While not everyone has this relationship with their roommate, I think it is important to find some common ground and accept the fact that regardless of differences, there was something that brought you together in the first place.

While we may not be living together next year, and most definitely do not hesitate to cry about it every time it is mentioned, you will forever be my roommate. There isn’t a soul I would have rather spent this year with, and I appreciate our relationship more than you know.

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