In high school, I was told junior year would be the most taxing, frustrating year in all my years of schooling thus far. That was true. Coming into college, I heard about the "sophomore slump." When I got through last year with only a few bruises, I was filled with relief knowing I'd gone through what I believed had been considered the toughest year of my college career. I could not have been more wrong. Junior year began with high hopes of doing well in school, taking interesting, major-oriented classes, becoming closer with my already amazing friends, and getting an internship. While the internship part of my junior year experience has been fulfilled, unfortunately, I can't say the same for the rest of my junior year prophecy.

My classes were more difficult and demanding than I had expected, and much of what I learned was rather dull and uninteresting, contrary to what I had anticipated. Although my grades haven't suffered a great deal, they're not exactly where I had intended for them to be, as I had figured I would be focusing solely on academics this semester. But, c'est la vie. As for friendships, half of the relationships I had formed my sophomore year progressed and remain strong, while the other half dwindled.

I wish I could say that my start to junior year was as invigorating as I had imagined it, but I can't. Neither can most of the women in my sorority, as we've all been put to the test academically and in terms of relationships within and outside of our inner circle. But, as with every obstacle you face, you learn to persevere, as I intend to do. I'm looking forward to my second semester of junior year, anxiously and optimistically awaiting what is to come.