The prophet that the Lord sent there was named Oded and he went out before the army that came to Samaria and said to them; look because the lord God of your fathers was angry with Judah, he declined them into your hand; but you have killed them in a rage that reaches up to heaven. And now you propose to force the children of Judah and Jerusalem to be your male and female slaves; but are you not also guilty before the lord your God? Now hear me, return the captives who you have taken for he the Lord is upon you. - 2 Chronicles 28:9-11

Now it took me awhile to get this passage and unless you have read 2 chronicles you might need to go back on your own to get more information for the story. but as I read this I at first didn't quite get it but something told me that there was a message in this that I needed to get out of it.

The Lord sent this prophet Oded to tell this army that had furiously taken these people that went against God. He told them that God meant to send those people to them but they had been in the wrong to treat them as slaves when they haven't even thought of the sin they were committing.

This made me realize that we as people every day get so caught up in judging other people and how they live their lives but we don't ever look at our selves. See it's easy to look at another person and criticize their actions but it's harder to judge what we do personally.

We need to realize that God is our only judge not anyone else and we need to live only for him, not for other people's acceptance. What we also need to understand is that we as humans are all going to sin, we aren't perfect but guess what? God forgives us all anyway.

So next time you judge someone else, look at what you're doing.