I have dealt with some pretty crappy feelings lately, so I decided to look at things that brought me a lot of joy. All of these things are so beautiful to me in their own way.

1.  A Happy Memory With Some Great Stories

This picture alone makes me smile because of how great this trip was. A lot of beautiful things happened. A lot of weird stories came about as well. I love and miss it. Thank you, NYC 2013 Team!

2. Friends Are The Best, I Love Mine A Lot

In every hardship I have faced, my pals have always been there to pick me up. I love them a lot.

3. Ok, Hear Me Out On This Weirdness

Sophomore year, in high school, my pastors were talking about Chacos- the shoes. I thought they were talking about these. It still makes me laugh.

4. The Infamous Egg And Bacon Costume

If there is any outfit or costume per say in this world that can fill my body with a lot of joy, it's this one. Just look at that smile!!

5. People Are Actually Really Great, And I'm Glad I Have Them In My Life

Get people in your life who will love you well and support you no matter what.

6. Yes! Bagging Things Can Bring Me Joy

This was a fun day. All sorts of good things happened, and I'm thankful for it.

7. My Little Fist-Sized Heart Was So Happy In Canada

I love Canada more than anywhere else. Most people think that's weird because of how cold it is, but I don't care. Canada is the best and you SHOULD go.

8. Midwest Sunsets

If you've ever seen a Midwest sunset, you know they can be out of this world. I love them and they make me so happy.

9. Coming Across Random Concerts On The Quad With Cute Boys

Ok, wow. This was a good night. I caught a drumstick, a cute boy smiled at me, and a lot of dancing happened.

10.  Adventures!!!!

I love traveling and exploring. It's like a happy place in a million places for me. I'm ready to travel again.

11. Dabbing With Strangers In Cambodia Will Always Be A Favorite Memory Of Mine

These dudes!! They are the best. They ran after us to take a picture after we failed at photo-bombing. I'm glad I got to meet them and talk for a little bit.

I hope at least one of these made you smile! If not, go look back on some of your own precious memories!