There is nothing more British than Afternoon Tea. And since tea is a large part of my life, I knew once arriving in England that I had to try Afternoon Tea for myself. I am not sure what I expected but my experience at the Wallace Collection Tea Room exceeded my expectations.

First came picking the perfect tea to start off our meal. From a large list of diverse teas, I chose a classic Earl Grey tea, one of my all-time favorite flavors. But you could have picked any tea you could have imagined, from English Breakfast tea, to exotic chai to peppermint. The selection was really endless and I would have tired them all if it was possible.

Then, if life couldn't get any better with the tea, came the tower of tea snacks. This includes a variety of finger sandwiches, scones and jam, and some desserts. A random mix food that I would never think to have in the same meal, but it somehow works.

A piece of advice is to try every sandwich, even if they seem a little.... fishy (pun intended, one sandwich is usually smoked salmon-related). Even the dill and cucumber sandwich was pretty good and I am not sure what royal chicken is but it wasn't half bad. Point is, it may seem weird but just take a bite! You never know what you will like.

Next, I tried a scone for the first time and that was the real surprise of the meal. IT WAS SO GOOD! I will dream about that soft scone with clotted cream (a better version of butter) and jam for the rest of my life.... or until the next time I go to High Tea.

Finally, comes to desserts. I had a small bite of carrot cake, a chocolate mouse type dessert and lemon meringue. All wonderful. All too small. But at that point, I was so full from tea and other foods it didn't even matter.

So if you ever have the chance to visit London or anywhere in England, make sure to make time for a little bit of Afternoon Tea. It is simply so British and you will a such a good time that you will start to think about how to incorporate this tea time into your everyday life.