Journey To Mars
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Journey To Mars

Another step towards further exploration.

Journey To Mars

What first steps will we take to explore the Red planet?

Many questions, excitement, eagerness, and most importantly awareness for the importance of exploration arise when thinking about the next step of discovery.

We are currently living in one of the most important times in history. NASA and the advancement of technology and space exploration are still relatively new. We are the first humans to be part of this new and exciting endeavor. Being the first, we will serve as an inspirational part of history for all of the generations that follow, and when they look back on our activities, they will be able to improve upon them just as we are doing with the first human mission to outer space.

The brave and courageous humans, who have whole-heartedly participated in the expansion of space- exploration are heroes and pioneers of the unknown and unexplored.

Various space agencies have united with NASA, and have been working and preparing for our first Mars crew mission to be safe for launch. And Orion is our next step towards this monumental approach.

Orion is NASA's deep space exploration spacecraft, and it has big plans.

NASA has been working on the SLS- Space Launch System since 2011, and it refers to a new form of launch system, bigger than any spacecraft ever. The SLS, when finished, will be tested with Orion aboard, which will be "Exploration Mission 1." EM-1 will last approximately 25 days and will go on a large orbit around the moon. Upon successful re-entry to home planet Earth, Orion will follow with Exploration Mission 2, which this time will be harboring 4 astronauts. This will be the FIRST time humans travel beyond and farther than ever before.

This is a very exciting moment for history and a remarkable step towards acquisition of knowledge, discovery, and unification of our minds with the vast infinity of cosmic expansion.

Orion is one of the many spacecrafts that will advance our universal understanding, and it is a super exciting moment for our century, as we will be the FIRST to explore Mars as "the Mars generation." One step forward towards attaining a major achievement for all of humanity can truly allow us to realize the importance of each of our actions. Everything that we do contributes to something, and like this, everyone can help us on our journey to Mars.

Everyone is needed, wanted and valued. YOU are needed in the path for the journey, and from the place you are in right now, you can help make this fantastic success a reality as soon as possible.

When we follow our purpose and life project, risking our lives becomes a crucial part of the effort. Driven by passion, discipline, effort, Mars is a milestone marking the possibilities of the vast universal cosmos that awaits the next generations. We will serve as inspirations for the upcoming space-travelers and everything we continue doing to attain this achievement will undoubtedly matter.

As space agencies unite with a contiguous goal in mind, minds unify with the purpose of scientific understanding... and you too can become a part of this grandiosity.

To check out NASA's Journey to Mars:

To check out Space X support:

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