Here's What I Think About Abortion Laws

My blog this week was going to be about what I think of the new abortion laws coming out. I gave it some thought and here's what I decided.

I'm a journalist. I'm an anchor and I'm a reporter. Given that, my position as a journalist currently does not allow for me to share my opinion publicly to the world.


Because journalists were taught to be unbiased with their opinions and views. Journalists should not be giving the news while reflecting their opinions because it alters what viewers are hearing and taking in.

Even on Fox or CNN, as they are both from far different sides of the political spectrum, opinions should not be given from reporters UNLESS it is in their job title as an opinion commentator.

News should not be sensationalized or wrapped with an opinion bow, the news should be the news itself and what is going on in the world, not reporters' opinions on what is happening.

So my opinion on the laws? As a journalist, I simply do not have one.

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