Congrats! It's an amazing field to be a part of. But here's what your life will become:

1. You're all too familiar with dreadful deadlines.

Timely story? Might as well have 20 cups of coffee to get that story done within the hour.

2. The AP Stylebook is scared.

It's basically our Bible. Get one. Keep it by your desk. You'll reference it more times than you would think.

3. Writer's block is real. 

We all know the feeling when we just can't come up with a story idea or we don't know how to begin a story. It's okay, just take a break for the day and come back to it the next day.

4. What are holidays?

Yeah, sorry. You're working all the time. News doesn't stop. We are the first rough draft of history, we don't have time to open presents or cook a turkey!

5. Algebra who?

We're communication majors for a reason... Math wasn't our strong suit.

6. Social media is our best friend.


We're on it all the time to get the latest news... Not because we're obsessed with what our friends are posting.

7. You know things no one else does.

We're always the first ones to get the inside scoop on certain events and people. Pretty cool if you ask me... 'Til people think you're a know-it-all. But honestly, it's worth it.

8. Being told, "Journalism is a dying field. You'll never make it."

It's annoying. We know that already!!! Everyone knows it!!! But it's not stopping us! No way, no how!

9. You always have a notebook on you .

Just in case... You never know.

10. Correcting people's grammar is second nature to you now.

Yeah, sorry. We know it's annoying. But it's also annoying when you can't figure out when to say "well" or "good."

11. Your job is to talk to people, but you're awkward.

It's always a hard thing to deal with. But we all know once we ask that first question, it's the easiest thing from there.