The newest love triangle has emerged from Netflix's original movie "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," where somewhat socially awkward Lara Jean has her long-time secret love letters exposed to her crushes from her past. It's a modern-day "Twilight" if you will, as fans are teaming up for team Peter and team Josh. Everyone is head over heels in love with the popular jock, Peter Kavinsky, played by Noah Centineo, who wooed everyone with his constant "Woahs" and undeniably adorable charm, but what about the other heartthrob who probably would've been a better pick for Lara Jean?

Josh Sanderson, played by Israel Broussard, is Lara Jean's best guy friend in the movie who dated her sister for over two years. When Lara Jean's sister dumps him before she leaves for college, Sanderson is lost and alone. Well, until he finds Lara Jean's love letter to him in which she confessed that he was the only one of her crushes she has ever loved. And that's when the plot should've gotten interesting.

Now when I say that I am a Sanderson fan, I'm not saying that he is more attractive than Kavinsky or that I would pick Sanderson over Kavinsky, but I feel like the plot of the whole movie would've been made better if Sanderson fought more for Lara Jean like he does in the book and if the whole storyline was more realistic.

In the book, in which this movie is based on, Sanderson actually confesses to Lara Jean that his first crush was on her after his now ex-girlfriend and Lara Jean's sister, Margot, leaves for college. Lara Jean's feelings for Sanderson return but she quickly pushes them back as Kavinsky walks into her life. Kavinsky and Lara Jean begin to "date" and Sanderson gets jealous, leading him to confess his true feelings of wanting to be with Lara Jean and then kissing her. Now that's some drama I would like to see happen. The movie cut all of that out and made Sanderson seem more like the best guy friend that Lara Jean could talk to about all of her problems, but what if it was revealed that Sanderson had loved her all along?

Another thing I felt did more harm than good to the movie was that Kavinsky was Mr. Popular who was the star lacrosse player and was dating the most popular girl in school, and Lara Jean was an outcast who kept to herself and didn't go out as much, but like all the other romantic comedies created in this generation, they somehow end up together. In reality, we know something like this would never happen. The preps stay with the preps and the loners typically stay with the loners. And I'm just going to come out and say it: Peter Kavinsky is so out of Lara Jean's league. If this movie really wanted to touch the lives of teenagers and young adults, they should've made it so someone as calm and low-key as Josh Sanderson would win over the mysterious Lara Jean.