The 15 Parts Of The New Jonas Brothers Music Video That Will Make Every College Girl Feel Like A 'SUCKER'

It has finally happened and my inner 15 year old is going absolutely CRAZY!

The Jonas brothers literally changed the world in a span of 25 hours. They released the confirmation that they were 'bringing the band back together' and not even 3 hours later announced they had a NEW SONG coming out by midnight.

I mean come on, this is what I've been waiting the rest of my life for. We didn't even have to wait until the 'year 3000' for the this new music either. Every single girl, boy, child, teenager, and adult has been freaking out since this was announced. If you are anything like me you stayed up until midnight to listen to the long-awaited return song of the 'jo bros' And honestly it DID NOT disappoint. But the video that came along with it, that was life-changing.

That was even better than the single itself. It was all just PERFECT.

1. When it pans to Nick, Joe and Kevin for the first time

They're back and better than ever

2. Sophie and Danielle!

I love that they are including all the ladies in this one


That is all I have to say about that because she walked in like a damn queen and went straight to her man

4. When Joe started singing and my inner 15 year old freaked out

As much as we love Nick, we all know that Joe is the our OG hot brother.

5. All the costumes that the girls got to wear were just OMG

Not only are living the dream with the Jonas Brothers' but they look AMAZING doing it

6. Kevin Fencing, finally this guy got to do something exciting in a video

I'm all here for Kevin 2.0 being the best Jo Bro.

7. The tea party, I mean come on, this was magical

8. Sophie being dressed like a giant piñata

She was still KILLING it though


I am living for this grown up vibe that they are giving off


I should've expected it but for some reason I didn't and it hit me like a curve ball

11. Joe being tied up

Lol remember when they all wore purity rings

12. Anytime they showed Kevin and Danielle

They were the original Jonas brother couple

13. Priyanka literally stripping walking towards to Nick

My purity ring statement still stands

14. Ending it with all 6 of them posing for a photo

I love ALL of them and this was the perfect way to end it. There is no better way.

15. Literally me after watching this when they start touring

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