12 Jonas Brothers Bops To Prepare You For 'Sucker'
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The Ultimate List Of Jonas Brothers Bangers To Prepare You For 'Sucker'

My inner 12-year-old self is SHAKING with excitement.

The Ultimate List Of Jonas Brothers Bangers To Prepare You For 'Sucker'

Hold onto your hats, ladies and gents, and wipe the cobwebs off of your old posters and magazine cut-outs because the Jonas Brothers are BACK! That's right, our favorite boy band of our childhood are releasing a new single, "Sucker," Friday, March 1st.

While we're all super excited for the new song, we can't forget the old songs that eternalized their fame forever and brought them straight into our pre-teen hearts. So, below, I give you a complete list of their absolute bangers to listen to to prep for "Sucker." You're welcome:

"Year 3000"

The song our great-great-great granddaughter will listen to and think "wow, great-great-great grandma was right about them."


Never have I wanted to be named Mandy more.


The cute 50's vibe suits our boys so well.


The girl rejecting Nick Jonas in the vid probably regrets her decisions now!

"Burnin' Up"

Nick Jonas as a spy also made me swoon hard af. And, of course, Joe's iconic mustache.

"Play My Music"

This song made "Camp Rock" one of the most amazing movies of our childhood.

"When You Look Me In The Eyes"

Slow jam, but still a bop.


Give this bad boy a listen as an adult and really listen to the lyrics. Adult-you might resonate more than kid-you did.

"Video Girl"

They may have had video girls in the past, but they're all old and married (or engaged) now.

"Kids Of The Future"

I'm literally dancing in my office to this song at work right now.

"Hello Beautiful"

Close your eyes and imagine the boys singing this to you.

"World War III"

This one's just a huge banger tbh. Enough said.

For more bops by our boys, check out my girl, Amanda's, Spotify playlist for your own personal pleasure. Until March 1st, y'all!

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