If you lived through the golden years of the Jonas Brothers, congratulations, you get to do it again. If you didn't live through those golden years, or simply ignored them, you have a chance to redeem yourself!

In case you're out of the loop, the Jonas Brothers are planning a reunion.

I'll repeat. THE JONAS BROTHERS are planning a REUNION.

It's been six long years...

Us original Jonas Brothers fans are old(ish) now, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to swoon over those three boys like we did in middle school. You know when Toy Story 3 came out and countless adults dropped their mundane, boring lives to re-live a little bit of their childhood? That's pretty much what's happening now.

In honor of this exciting reunion, I've put together a list of must-listen Jonas Brothers songs.... whether you just need a listen because you've never heard of these guys, or you want to lay down on your bed and blast them through your headphones to pretend you're a tragic pre-teen again, you can thank me later.

1. Burnin' Up

Album: A Little Bit Longer

An anthem if you've ever heard one. If you've made it to this point in your life without hearing this song, I'm not sure whether to applaud you or take offense.

2. Year 3000


Album: Jonas Brothers

Not knowing this song might warrant a spot on America's Top 10 Most Wanted list...

3. Play My Music

Album: Camp Rock

If you're looking to plan your next movie night, maybe consider putting this Disney Channel HIT on your list.

4. S.O.S.

Album: Jonas Brothers

An eternal bop.

5. Lovebug


Album: A Little Bit Longer

Get ready to swoon. That's it.

6. Before the Storm ft. Miley Cyrus

Album: Lines, Vines, and Trying Times

The Jonas Brothers AND Miley Cyrus? Name a more perfect collab, I'll wait.

7. Just Friends

Album: Jonas Brothers

"Small talk on IM..." Ah. The good old days.

8. Paranoid


Album: Jonas Brothers

9. A Little Bit Longer

Album: A Little Bit Longer

Really and truly, no sadness will ever compare to listening to Nick Jonas spending 3 minutes and 25 seconds trying to convince himself that he'll eventually be fine.

10. Send it On

OKAY, this isn't strictly Jonas Brothers material BUT nothing compared to watching this infamous music video during Disney Channel's commercial breaks.

What? They were in it, and it's too good not to mention.

11. This is Our Song

Album: Camp Rock 2

Again, not exclusively Jonas Brothers (hello Demi Lovato), but this is another jam.

12. Introducing Me


Album: Camp Rock 2

Nick Jonas might be singing to a fictional character that he's trying to win over, but if you're really desperate you can pretend he's singing to you. Swoon pt. 2 :')

13. When You Look Me in the Eyes

Album: Jonas Brothers

Swoon pt. 3 :')

14. Live to Party

The theme song for their short-lived but sweet show JONAS definitely deserves an honorable mention, even if it isn't as poignant as the rest of their songs.

Happy listening!