Mayer is back! And he's got a brand-new album he has been promoting on the road for quite some time now. I got a chance to see him at The Forum in Los Angeles over summer and he was quite fantastic.

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He opened the show with the groovy track "Helpless" from his latest album, “The Search for Everything.” This immediately had people jamming along to that funky song and kicked the show off on a really high note. (Ha, music pun) He proceeded with a few classics and some storytelling in between the songs. "Who Says" really seemed to hit home for a lot of people with all this divide going on in our country.


John pulled off a beautiful rendition in his acoustic set of “XO” by Beyoncé. It was sung with precision and passion. It would even make the Queen herself quite proud. The last song of the acoustic set was "Neon", and every fan of Mayer's knows that’s an incredibly hard song to play and John absolutely nailed it. It was groovy and had tons of soul to it.


This was the part of the show that I was looking forward to the most. The John Mayer Trio was what made me of a fan of him in the first place. He opened with "Vultures" and ended with the standard blues "Crossroads." This is where Mayer's talent is showcased. His guitar playing is extremely tasteful and played with tons of feel, reminiscent of old blues legends. The band was extremely tight and appealed to the more seasoned Mayer fans

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You never know what can happen when you see a show in LA, it's safe to expect the unexpected. And it happened, Post Malone came out to do a rocking rendition of his hit "Congratulations." The crowd went absolutely nuts, and rightfully so. This prompted Mayer to try his hand at rap. Spoiler: it did not go too well. He went on to play a few other groovy songs to cap off the set.


Mayer came out and played the very folkish and heartfelt "In the Blood" to start off his encore. He then proceeded to the fan favorite, "Gravity." The whole place sang the song back to him and it was a magical scene in Los Angeles.


Mayer came out to play one final song to cap the night off. He sat at his all-white piano and sang the track "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me." It was simple, sweet, and a perfect way to cap off an incredible night.