Joey From Friends Is Actually A College Student During Finals

Joey From Friends Is Actually A College Student During Finals

The Man, the myth, the spirit animal of college students cramming for finals.


Finals season is bringing out the Joey Tribbiani in college students all across the country... It's all fun and games until someone asks "how you doin'?" and you have a mental breakdown.

1. You realize a week before exams you probably should have started cramming about a month ago.

2. When you finally decide to stop procrastinating, you know you've dug yourself into a hole.

3. You also acknowledge there's no one to blame for your poor time management skills but yourself.

4. In order to get your life together, you find time to organize your priorities, to-do lists and "thoughts."

5. This is about the same time you start feeling like you could actually pull off getting a decent grade by binge studying.

6. Unfortunately, you have underestimated the amount of material your courses covered throughout the semester.

7. Despite being overwhelmed you find time to eat pizza, because pizza makes everything better.

8. You also find time to take naps throughout the day because late night study sessions are killer.

9. Let's not forget the gallons of coffee you drink in order to survive your demise.

10. As exams get closer and closer, it starts feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

12. Yet, after a while it actually feels like you're making progress.

13. Before you know it, you've taken all of your finals and can't help but celebrate.

14. And like that, you've finished off another semester of college and are one step closer to getting a degree.

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