5 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Job Interviews

5 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Job Interviews

How to turn an interview into a job.


Sweaty hands. Pounding heartbeat. Shaky voice.

No, I'm not talking about how you feel watching a scary movie. I'm talking about Job interviews.

If the thought of a job interview doesn't want to make you crawl under a blanket and forget your adult responsibilities, then you're just kidding yourself. Whether it's your first or your hundredth, the thought of the interviewer essentially controlling your career and financial abilities is not very enjoyable. Since a lot of people go through the job interview process we all basically have the same general fears. Here are 5 interview fears and how to get over them:

1. Group interviews

I literally can't imagine anything worse. It's hard enough being nervous when it's just you being interview but imagine multiple nervous people in one room. Besides the extreme amount of nervousness in one room, you may all be competing for one position so how do you make yourself stand out?

Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Don't be the quiet person in the corner because you'll never get the job doing that. By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone you stand out and look enthusiastic about the position you're being interviewed for. If the interviewer asks a general question, speak up about the topic in a different perspective than the other people in the group.

2. Not being dressed right

Nothing is more embarrassing then showing up underdressed. An easy solution to this is to overdress. Men in shirts and ties and women in skirts or dresses with appropriate lengths. It's always better to be overdressed then underdressed.

3. Blanking or rambling when asked a question

Obviously you never really know what the interviewer is going to ask you. Blanking or rambling is common, especially when you're really nervous, but it could easily be fixed or reduced by googling sample interview questions. Print them out and have a friend or family member ask you some of the questions. Practicing them a couple times may help you have an idea of what you might say during the interview.

4. Forgetting something important

Whether it be a copy of your resume or something as small as a piece of gum, forgetting something that you may need can very easily throw you off. Investing in a briefcase or a professional purse is a great idea and you could always have it packed with the essentials for all those last minute interviews.

5. Running late

Whether your GPS died, you had car troubles, or traffic was terrible, running late can be the biggest stressor before an interview. Sometimes you can't control car troubles or traffic, but making a few practice runs to where you are being interviewed can be very helpful. By making a few practice runs you can get a feel for how long it will take to get there and the parking situation.

By facing these fears head on and working to correct them, you will easily appear more confident to the person you're being interviewed by and your interview could easily turn into a job!

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