Why Jessie James And Eric Decker Are #RelationshipGoals
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Why Jessie James And Eric Decker Are #RelationshipGoals

So, where's my Eric?

Why Jessie James And Eric Decker Are #RelationshipGoals

Everyone has their favorite celebrity couple whether it’s Brad and Angelina, Jay Z and Beyoncé, Blake and Ryan, or Kim and Kayne, but mine happens to be Jessie James and Eric Decker. Eric plays wide receiver in the NFL and Jessie is a successful country pop singer. Together they make one hot couple. You may also recognize them from their TV series, "Eric & Jessie: Game On," that aired 2 seasons on E!. With the addition of two little ones to the Decker clan, their stint with reality TV ended, but through their frequent posts to social media we still get a peek into their perfect but down-to-Earth lives.

Here are a few reasons why my obsession with Eric and Jessie will never fade.

1. Their wedding.

On June 22, 2013, Jessie married her prince in Colorado. Jessie surprised Eric at the reception with a song, “I Do”, that she wrote just for him. Check out the music video below to see more of their gorgeous wedding and Eric shed a tear or two when he watches his beautiful bride-to-be walk down the aisle.

2. They are very involved in the other's profession.

Jessie has been Eric’s number one fan from his days with the Denver Broncos and now with the New York Jets. Eric has made many appearances in Jessie’s music videos and at her performances. He is also the inspiration for a lot of her music.

Warming up my voice! Ready for the game!!! #jetsjetsjets @edeck87 smack dat ass when I see u
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

Singing "I do" to my love
A video posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

3. Pregnancy pictures never looked so good.

4. They always rock Halloween.

They whole-heartedly commit to couple costumes.

5. They are so hot (I mean, just look at them).

6. They are goofy.

A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

New position 96 #69isout #underboobiscool
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

7. They keep their romance alive with date nights.

Cappuccino kisses #datenight
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

Damn she's hot!! Red carpet with my rockstar wearing @eleventy_milano! #hotmama #eleventy #sincity #datenight
A photo posted by Eric Decker (@edeck87) on

In all black like a motorcycle chick and this is my pimp daddy ready to smack dat ass
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

8. They are philanthropic.

The couple created The Eric & Jessie Decker Foundation, composed of Decker Dogs and Freedom Service Dogs of America. Their mission statement is "building a better world for military service members, veterans, and animals." They also support many other charity and attend numerous philanthropic events (and look good doing it).

For every dollar donated to @ejdfoundation between now and 12/31, @edeck87 and I will personally match it (up to $25K)! For a typical service dog, the journey from shelter to service costs approximately $25K. Help us double down and fund dogs 7 and 8 before the end of the year!! To donate visit: bit.ly/EJDFdonate
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on
Y'ALL: I'm joining @UnileverUSA this year to help end child hunger in America. 16M kids don't know when their next meal will be - but you can #ShareAMeal to help us change that!! LIKE/COMMENT on this post and @UnileverUSA will donate 1 meal to @FeedingAmerica. Learn more @UnileverUSA
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on
Fun being at ALMS today to talk about our school experiences of bullying! What a great group of middle schoolers!!!! Spread the word!! It's feels better to do something nice than mean! #stompoutbullying
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

9. They write each other the cutest notes.

10. They are real.

When they aren't rockin' out at concerts, playing a professional sport or attending star studded events, they are just like you and me. This is why I love this couple so much - because they are so easy to relate to.

Keepin it real mommy style. Stains. Gotta pee face but don't wanna get up and non supportive bra Cus I just don't care hahah! #vivismama #23wks
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

Woke up like dis
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

11. They have the best nicknames for each other.

Thinkin hard about my sugar d**k
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

Singing to my baby daddy! San Antonio y'all were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

My sexual
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

12. They are the best parents.

Two of the most beautiful people made their own beautiful people, a daughter, Vivianne Rose Decker, born in March 2014 and a son, Eric Thomas Decker II, born September 3, 2015 and they rock at the whole parenting thing.

13. They never hide their obsession with each other.

After a little more then five years of dating and two children later, the sparks between these two are still flying.

Good morning Vegas! Beautiful view I have!
A photo posted by Eric Decker (@edeck87) on

#mcm to my sexy hot wonderful man!!! You just blow me away, so for that I will reward you by blowing you away too
A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

14. They are just #goals.

To envy Jessie and Eric's lives a little more, follow her on Instagram: http://instagram.com/jessiejamesdecker and him as well: http://instagram.com/edeck87.

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