Jen Garner and Her Famous Friends Will Read Your Kids Stories with #SaveWithStories
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Jen Garner and Her Famous Friends Will Read Your Kids Stories with #SaveWithStories

Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams team up with a slew of celebrities to raise money for children affected by COVID-19

Jen Garner and Her Famous Friends Will Read Your Kids Stories with #SaveWithStories

Jennifer Garner once again proves that she is one of the greatest people alive by launching an initiative with Amy Adams called #SaveWithStories. Every day a celebrity friend of theirs records a video of them reading a children's story to raise awareness of the charity. #SaveWithStories aims to raise relief funds for children across the U.S. who rely on their school for food.

The unfortunate reality is that there are countless low-income families who are unable to provide three meals a day and rely on schools to feed their children. During the COVID-19 lockdown, those families may be stretched thinner than usual due to being unable to attend their closed school.

#SaveWithStories works with established charities Save the Children and Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry to fund mobile meal trucks, food banks, and community resources dedicated to supporting those in need.

"The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark" read by Jennifer Garner

"Dinosaur Princess" read by Amy Adams

You can support #SaveWithStories by visiting their website and donating. You can watch celebrities read these fun and light-hearted stories over on Jennifer Garner's Facebook page, or on the #SaveWithStories Instagram,

"This is Baby" read by Jimmy Fallon

"¿Cómo dicen te quiero los dinosaurios?" read by Camila Cabello

"When I Grow Up" read by Al Yankovic

"Hair Love" read by Gabrielle Union

There are so many great books and readers involved in this project, but I picked just a few of my favorites. Please consider donating to help out this great cause!

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