Update: Epstein's Autopsy's Results

Back in August of this year, (2019) the body of Jeffery Epstein was found hanging in his jail cell. He was awaiting his trail for sex trafficking and conspiracy charges, but then was found hanging in his cell on August 10th. Weeks before that, he had been found on the floor of his cell with marks around his neck and was put on suicide watch. But the watch was lifted shortly thereafter.

The initial report by the New York medical examiner concluded that the manner of death was suicide by hanging.

However, both the victim's family and lawyers rejected the initial conclusion and hired a pathologist of their own, The pathologist is Dr. Michael Baden who has a five decade career, with investigations into high profile cases such as Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, the assassination of President Kennedy, among others.

Just this morning, Dr.Baden has released his own results, which are contradictory to the states findings. He states that the fractures on the right and left sides of Epstien's larynx, along with the fracture of his hyoid bone, are more consistent with "homicidal strangulation" rather than suicide. There was also hemorrhaging in his eyes that is more evident of homicide.

There is also DNA evidence that is still being processed from the cloth that he was found hanging from.

While the case was initially ruled a suicide, these results contradict the original findings and have severe, widespread implications, given Epstien's connections with powerful people, like the President of the United States. Only time will tell if the case is reopened and what happens next, but it is certainly something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

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