45 Songs On My January Playlist
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45 Songs On My January Playlist

We are entering this new year with good vibes and good vibes only.

45 Songs On My January Playlist
Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels

I am ready to make 2022 MY year (knock on wood) which also means that I need a banging playlist to kick off the first month of the year! Here are forty-five songs on my January playlist:

1. "Listerine" — Cece Coakley

2. "Big Black Car" — Gregory Alan Isakov

3. "Vienna" — Billy Joel

4. "Malibu 1992" — COIN

5. "Ghost" — Justin Bieber

6. "Until I Found You" — Stephen Sanchez

7. "the 1" — Taylor Swift

8. "Forever" — Mumford & Sons

9. "I See Fire" — Ed Sheeran

10. "Keep The Wolves Away" — Uncle Lucius

11. "It'll Be Okay" — Shawn Mendes

12. "Cocaine Jesus" — Rainbow Kitten Surprise

13. "erase me" — Lizzy McAlpine, Jacob Collier

14. "Checkmate" — Conan Gray

15. "Normal" — Kimmie Devereux

16. "Maine" — Noah Kahan

17. "Flashbacks & Fun Facts" — Holden Miller

18. "Painkillers" — Rainbow Kitten Surprise

19. "A Change Is Gonna Come" — Greta Van Fleet

20. "you were good to me" — Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler

21. "right where you left me" — Taylor Swift

22. "Off My Mind" — Joe P

23. "Older" — Ben Platt

24. "Out of Tune" — The Backseat Lovers

25. "Come Over (Again)" — Crawlers

26. "Miss The Rest" — Charlie Orian

27. "WYD Now?" — Sadie Jean

28. "Mind Runner" — eamon mo

29. "Rockland" Gracie Abrams

30. "Looks Like Me" — Dean Lewis

31. "Dancing After Death" — Matt Maeson

32. "feel like shit" — Tate McRae

33. "Norway" — The Brummies

34. "Hallucinogenics" — Matt Maeson

35. "22 (Taylor's Version)" — Taylor Swift

36. "Missing Piece" — Vance Joy

37. "didya think" — Arlie

38. "Good Things Fall Apart" — ILLENIUM, Jon Bellion

39. "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" — Edison Lighthouse

40. "don't miss me" — Claire Rosinkranz

41. "God Must Hate Me" — Catie Turner

42. "Jenny Jenkins" — Mt. Joy

43. "Stubborn Love" — The Lumineers

44. "Crisis" — Joshua Bassett

45. "Supercut" — Lorde

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