January 9th Is Play God Day, So Here Are 15 Acts Of Kindness You Can Do To Celebrate
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January 9th Is Play God Day, So Here Are 15 Acts Of Kindness You Can Do To Celebrate

Even the smallest gesture can make a big impact

January 9th Is Play God Day, So Here Are 15 Acts Of Kindness You Can Do To Celebrate

When you think about playing God, the concept usually involves doing things or making choices that fuel are own selfish desires. While many wish for the power to have everything go our way, this particular holiday allows us the opportunity to help out people in need instead of only thinking about ourselves. With the world threatened by COVID-19 and thousands of Americans losing their jobs, homes, and lives, this is a day to reflect on everything we still have and while performing at least one unselfish act. Since the pandemic has caused everyone to make significant changes in their lives like working remotely, virtual learning, quarantining, curb-side pickup, and chatting via Zoom, there are still ways to assist others during this challenging time. Doing something nice for another person makes us feel better and distracts us from our individual problems, even if only for a short amount of time. In honor of Play God Day, here are some of things you can do to make people smile and bring a little more happiness into the world.

1. Send a motivational text to a family member or friend who is struggling

Sometimes a person just needs comforting words to let them know everything is alright. By sending them a short text message of encouragement, this will help to raise their confidence, give them hope, and make them feel wanted. The text can be a quote, something funny, a meme or just a brief message wishing them a good day. Whatever you tell them, make sure that it's sympathetic and memorable.

2. Arrange a Zoom call with a relative 

This is the way that everyone communicates now because of Covid-19. Although you would rather speak in person, Zoom is a good alternative.. Find out how they are doing, ask questions, and try changing the background to make the video call more fun. Talking to a family member or friend virtually is a nice way to stay in contact with them while quarantining

3. Donate to a Foodbank

Giving food is a greatly appreciated act of kindness you can do. Contact or email your local foodbank and send non-perishables to ensure that anyone who is homeless or unemployed has access to food for themselves and their families. Visit any supermarket or markets in the area for groceries to donate. You will be giving to those less fortunate while supporting small businesses at the same time.

4. Start a GoFundMe campaign

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to raise money for an organization is by creating a campaign. Donors can give money to a cause to help out a family member, friend, sick animal or organization that is suffering during Covid-19. This is to make sure that people can get access to essential supplies and medical treatment. It's also great for saving mom and pop stores from closing permanently.

5. Sign up to be a virtual tutor

The pandemic has impacted schools and forced children and teenagers to study remotely. However, if you are good in one or multiple topics, you are teach students and help improve their educational journey. Parents will appreciate the assistance (especially if they have a busy schedule) and you can make some money as well. This is a great way to improve the education of students during this crisis while improving your skills and making a good income.

6. Write encouraging messages on your sidewalks using chalk

Here is a nice way to spread positive vibes throughout your community. Gets some chalk and write phrases that will give your neighbors hope during the pandemic. This is especially good if they had to quarantine and finally got to leave the house or they are just heading off pick up supplies on the weekend. Putting a smile on the faces of those who see these messages is a simple, but creative act of kindness.

7. Make breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your parents

Preparing a delicious meal is another thing you can do to show appreciation for the people around you. You can cook a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner for your parents using a family recipe or new creation. They will be grateful for it. If you are making dinner, include a glass of their favorite wine with the meal.

8. Place a sign on your front door thanking postal workers for their service

Along with doctors and nurses, mail carriers are important essential workers. To show how much you care about the people that deliver your mail and online orders, you can purchase supplies to create a sign or print one out and post it on your door. Make sure that it is legible and use imagery like mailboxes or packages. When the mail carrier or Amazon worker sees your message, it will most certainly make their day.

9. Call your grandparents

It has become impossible for people to visit their grandparents because of Covid-19. However, the best way to contact them is picking up your phone and calling. Zoom can be difficult to understand and there are many technical issues that can occur, so it's not the best option to use. While using your phones to make a call is not used often anymore, it's a simple and fast way of communicating with grandparents that live in a nursing home or a few miles away from where you live.

10. Design face masks for healthcare organizations

PPE is obviously needed for healthcare workers and patients, but unfortunately with the rising cases of Covid-19 the supply of medical masks run out at a much faster rate. One way to help your community is making homemade face masks. If you have the skills you can use recycled fabric/cloth and a sowing machine. Another option is to create designs and printing them on the masks and then shipping them to those who need them.

11. Make 'swag bags' for children of essential workers

Here is another way to say thank you to the essential workers that are risking their lives to help those in need during this pandemic. The swag bags will be designed specifically for the children of doctors, nurses, retail workers, police officers, and firefighters. They can be filled with coloring books, stickers, plastic toys, and puzzles. Having these fun activities will keep them occupied at home.

12. Lead a parade down the block for a neighbor's birthday.

Since the pandemic has prevented us from throwing big parties for family and friend's one nice thing that you can do for your community is driving down your block with other cars to cheer and honk is celebration of a neighbor's birthday. This became a monthly tradition due to the pandemic and everyone appreciates the kind gesture. You can tie balloons to your car, play music or just drive down the block and wish them a happy birthday. In advanced you can mail them a cards or gifts for their birthday.

13. Hold the door open for someone

Just because we are in a global pandemic does not mean that you have to be rude or selfish. Doing something simple like holding the door open for someone is an act of kindness that could make their day. You will sanitize your hands afterwards. If you feel uncomfortable about touching doorknobs or handles use your gloves, sleeves or foot to open the door. For facilities with the handicap button, you can push it for seniors or healthcare workers that are carrying items.

14. Leave a note with a gift for delivery drivers

Take work hard delivering all the items that you order from online whether it's something that you just want or actually need. Either way, you can show gratitude by leaving a note and a small gift for them. This can be a coupon, gift card or accessory to give thanks for their service.

15. Plan a video lunch with a friend or colleague

While going out and enjoying a meal with friends and co-workers is put on restriction because of Covid-19, there is still another way to stay in contact with them. Set up a Zoom call during their free time to have coffee or lunch and talk. You can find out how they are doing and ask what their goals are for 2021. Until things get better and everyone can meet in person again without fear, this is the best way to hang out with your friends and colleagues.

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