5 Reasons To Ship Elsa From 'Frozen' And Jack Frost From 'Rise Of The Guardians'

5 Reasons Why Elsa From 'Frozen' And Jack Frost From 'Rise Of The Guardians' Are A Perfect Match

With those ice powers of theirs, they are invincible! Together, they can become a power couple revered by all. After all, the cold never bother them anyway.

Why is there so much hype about a crossover pairing that will most likely never come true? Well, let me explain why. Many people, myself included, have stumbled on a beautiful fanart drawn by this amazing artist named Kazeki. In this fanart, Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" and Jack Frost from Dreamworks' "Rise of the Guardians" are featured to be facing each other, with Elsa's hand placed on Jack's cheek and their eyes fluttering to a close as if they are leaning in for a kiss. So much support has been gathered for this pairing and even the writer behind the inspiration for "Rise of the Guardians," William Joyce, states on his Twitter that "it's fun" to ship Jack Frost and Elsa together.

After watching Dreamworks' "Rise of the Guardians" and Disney's "Frozen" I totally understand why people ship Jack Frost with Elsa. Although they are from two different universes, Jack Frost has a lot of things in common with Elsa. It's quite a coincidence since "Rise of the Guardians" has been released before "Frozen."

Here are five reasons why Elsa and Jack Frost are considered to be very compatible:

1. They both are protective of their siblings

Elsa and Jack both have strong bonds with their younger siblings. Elsa cares for her younger sister Anna while Jack cares for his little sister whose name is unknown. They both are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their siblings safe from harm, even if that means making huge sacrifices for them. Elsa has shut herself from Anna in fear that she will hurt Anna with her ice powers again and Jack has fallen into a frozen pond to save his little sister. Thereby, Elsa and Jack's protective instincts over their siblings will definitely lead to some mutual understanding between the two, and perhaps even lead to possible attraction for each other.

2. They both balance each other out

Elsa's meek and demure personality as a regal queen of Arendelle certainly balances out Jack Frost's mischievous and playful personality. If they ever meet, there will be fascinating chemistry between these two characters. Jack Frost, an immortal Guardian, will definitely teach the human queen of Arendelle to embrace the beauty of her powers instead of being scared of it. Perhaps, he will be the one telling Elsa to "let it go" for all we know. At the same time, Jack will see the good in Elsa's heart and by all means, vows to protect her from harm. In return, Elsa will too regain her confidence and slowly falls in love with Jack Frost.

3. They both have been misunderstood by others

Elsa has been misunderstood by the people of Arendelle as a witch, a monster, and a sorceress after accidentally unleashing her ice powers. Jack Frost has been misunderstood by the other guardians (in particular, the Easter bunny) as a troublemaker. But under their anti-social pretenses, they both are scared of being feared by others as well as not being accepted by others, especially by those they truly care about. Jack cares about what the other guardians perceive of him while Elsa cares about what the people of Arendelle, along with her sister Anna, thinks of her. If a relationship blossoms between the two, one of the biggest challenges they will have to face is to overcoming their fears and their low-esteem, which will be very intriguing to see when they have each other.

4. They both are aesthetically pleasing

Elsa, with her blue shimmering dress, is so breathtaking to look at. After accepting her abilities with no fear, she has transformed into a beautiful, confident, and powerful young woman. And pairing her with the good-looking and rebellious Jack Frost will definitely capture the audience's attention.

5. They both can manipulate ice and snow

Well, this is pretty much self-explanatory. With those ice powers of theirs, they are invincible! Together, they can become a power couple revered by all. After all, the cold never bother them anyway.

Do you agree with these reasons? With "Frozen 2" coming up, many fans of this couple are anticipating for collaboration between Dreamworks and Disney in hopes of making Jack Frost the official romantic interest for Elsa. Of course, this is just wishful thinking. But who knows? What will the future unfold for this crossover pairing? Only time will tell.

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