9 'Buzzfeed Unsolved' Quotes That Perfectly Describe College

"Buzzfeed Unsolved" is my all time favorite online series, where two friends Shane and Ryan revisit old crimes and supernatural occurrences and try to debunk them. Every line in the show is made up on the fly, so the humor is completely honest, here are a few of my favorite lines that relate to college.

1. When you see your friends on the first day of the new semester.


Welcome to the end of summer, the beginning of fall, and the most exhausting few years of your life! Your college friends are those idiots you hang out with at 3 a.m. in a hidden part of the library, quoting vines older than vintage wine.

2. When you join a new club.


Getting involved with activities is a great way to meet other students and harness your special interests. While FGCU doesn't condemn cults *cough* *cough* there are certainly many interesting clubs and organizations to check out.

3. Before you go out.


Pre-gaming, tinder matching, meeting that someone special at the bar and then out-drinking your liver and legal limit before dragging yourself to bed. Ah, college.

4. When you go all out on those tequila shots.


**Odyssey does not condemn under-age drinking, driving under the influence or giving drinks to minors. Warning: Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, alcoholic obsession warning advised. **

5. The morning after...


It's the morning after; your brain hurts, your liver hurts, there's makeup in your cornea, and there are two strangers in your bed. Time to wash your sins out with some good ol' heaven juice.

6. When you forget you had an assignment due.


It happens every time I rest my eyes for a couple of seconds. You have an online quiz due at 11:59pm... it's 11:45pm.

7. When your computer craps out at 11:45pm.


Well fudge nuggets.

8. When your professor won't give extra credit.


That moment when you realize your failure in a class is because of your inability to get your life together, and your professor stopped being a part of that toxic mash of crap 10 years before he taught your class.

9. When you start studying the night before the exam.


I'm disappointed that you waited the night before the exam to study, but not really because I did the exact same thing.

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