It's Time To Hygge Up Your Life, Here's How Each Day Of The Week
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It's Time To Hygge Up Your Life, Here's How Each Day Of The Week

Sometimes it's little changes that make a big impact.

It's Time To Hygge Up Your Life, Here's How Each Day Of The Week

Last weekend I visited Copenhagen, Denmark. My friend group and I began our trip with a walking tour of the city. By the end of the tour, our guide wanted us to unlock the secret to Danish happiness. One word; hygge.

First things first, this word is not pronounced how it looks. Like me, you would probably assume it is pronounced ‘hi’ with a few g’s attached. However, that is not the case. It is pronounced: hoo-gah. This word does not have a direct translation into English, but it is often associated with coziness.

Think Christmas time with snow falling and a warm fire. Think a rainy day, in your pajamas, with a good book. This is hygge.

Before my trip, I saw the word hygge swirling around on the internet, without knowing its origins. After listening to my guide, I understood why people outside of Denmark are following the hygge movement. The goal of hygge is to help you obtain and keep that warm fuzzy feeling throughout the day. But how can one bring hyggeness into their life? Below I have listed a week of living the hygge lifestyle.


Set an alarm using a plugin alarm; the first thing you wake up to should not be your phone. Do a few stretches and get yourself ready for the day playing your favorite pump up jams. It is going to be a wonderful Monday.


Make time tonight to have a long bubble bath. Make sure you have your favorite candles and favorite drink. Maybe try eating cake or an equally amazing dessert in the tub? Do not forget to bring a book or some music to help you relax. After your bath, put on your warmest pajamas and go straight to bed.


You have made it halfway through the week! Take time to write. Write about the things that make you happy, the things that worry you, things you are thankful for, or things that you want to do. Or just write about whatever is on your mind. It is always better to have your thoughts on paper than keep them stored in your brain.


Go through your closet and dresser taking a real good look at your clothes. Ask yourself, do I really need this/wear it? If the answer is no, toss it, donate it, consign it, but whatever you do, do not keep it. Especially those t-shirts from middle school. Unless you plan on turning them into a blanket quilt, I promise you, you are never going to wear them again.


Come home and enjoy a nice hot drink (or cold drink, depending on your mood). Invite your best friends over for a movie night or a tv show marathon (think along the lines of "Friends", "The Office" ). Make sure your phones are off and away. Yoga pants and snacks are a must.


Wake up early, not too early of course. Go for a walk or run, alone and without music. Stop along the way and enjoy the solitude. Appreciate every little aspect of nature, from the bugs to clouds.


Go the whole day without using or checking any social media. Today is the day rest, so do just that. Take the time to call loved ones, or better yet, write them a letter. Before bed, make sure you set out your clothing to help your Monday have a smooth start.

I wish you all the best in your week of hygge and may the warm fuzzies be with you always!

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