Hey you, take a break from what you are doing and read this article. You won't regret it!

So many times in our life we don't take breaks. We rush around like chickens with our heads cut off, and we don't stop to smell the roses (my high school English teacher would be annoyed with those two cliques, but oh well).

Life can get super busy, and it's easy to kind of forget to stop and take care of yourself. However, taking mental breaks from things is great for your emotional well-being. It's a way to make sure you don't drain the life out of yourself.

Giving 100% 24/7 is not possible for anyone, unless you are superhuman. If you try to always do everything, you will become so stressed that you will most likely break down. It's important to remember that YOU are a priority too. Even when you have tons of deadlines and things to do, your health and well-being is also important.

Here's some ways to give yourself a break:

1. Take a walk.- Something in your work or homework stressing you out because you can't figure it out? Exercising might help relieve stress, while also getting the blood flowing to your brain, so you can concentrate better later.

2. Take a nap.- Sleep is sometimes all we need to feel refreshed and ready to work again.

3. Stretching- Stretching can help relieve tension in your muscles. This is especially helpful when you don't have a lot of time to take a break.

4. Watch Netflix- Taking a little break to watch your favorite show (like the Office) is a great way to ease some stress and get in a laugh. Extra tip: Watch something not stressful, and watch something funny instead.

5. Call a friend.- Friends are usually helpful to being a listening ear. Talking about your work issues with a trusted friend might be a good way to help find a solution.