I'm usually known as a pretty social person, but sometimes I just want to curl into bed and not really be around people; and that's okay.

People are mentally exhausting, and being around them is sometimes the worst. Currently it's 6:00 on a Saturday night and the only plans I have are to stay in bed and watch Baby Daddy. Most of my friends are probably planning on hanging out and going to parties, but laying in bed and keeping to myself sounds so much better than that.

There's no shame in not wanting to be around people, and it's completely normal to want alone time. It doesn't mean you're generally anti-social, it just means that you just want to be alone. Granted, that can be a little hard when you live in the dorms with a roommate and a bunch of other girls, but there are ways to spend some quality time with yourself.

At the beginning of the school year, I tried really hard to put myself out there and make a bunch of friends, but at this point, I could really care less. If people don't like me for all the weird versions of my personality, that's on them. My friends need to be able to accept that fact that I am not going to want to hang out all the time. I like my room, and I like being by myself.

People are loud, people are obnoxious, and being in college, you can never get away from them. That's why we need to appreciate breaks. Where we get to be with our families and get away from the crowds and the mass swarm of people that seem to be everywhere you turn.

I am by no means against people. A lot of the time, I love being around them. But sometimes I just need some time to myself. Quiet time is preferred.