Why do people tell writers it is just a hobby? Or it is just a phase? Or it will not take us anywhere?

These types of questions frustrate me. Do I write to be famous? Part of me, but this is a pipe dream, and it is for sure not my only goal. Do I write what others want to hear or read? Not necessary. I write something that pertains to me, and if it relates to others than cool, if not it is still cool. Do I write because it was what the claimed ‘cook kids’ or the ‘hipsters’ do? Absolutely not. I write from the heart.

What I write is important to me, or else I would not waste my time doing it.

Telling writers that it is just a hobby is like telling a mechanic that their job is a hobby. Sure, writing can be done for fun, but it is a lot more than that, at least for me. Writing can be the most relaxing thing and sometimes (at the same time) the most stressful thing. We can all hit this dreaded thing called writer's block. We can have literally the best idea of what / how to write something and then poof, it is gone.

All we want to do is write, but so often we stare at a blank document curser blinking or a page only filled with lines clicking and clicking an ink pen. How many ‘hobbies’ have this? None. Writing is not a phase. Why is that even a thing? Middle school is a phase. Writing is a great activity. Not a hobby, or a time killer, and oh my gosh it is not a phase.

Writers write because it is how we feel our voice is best to spread.

Every day you read news stories on social media, or other types are articles. Those were written by writers who care. People write for a job. I write from the heart. When I say that I write things that only pertain to me, I write things that I feel a strong emotion too. These are things that I see and experiences in everyday life.

I am best put together in writing. It gives me time to not only calm down but to better put my words to make sure things do not come off harsh. While I am a very put together person most of the time, when I get worked up it is best if I can fully collect my thoughts. Sure, being famous would be great, but I do not write to please others. While there are topics I could write about that people would gather all over and read, I do not choose to go that way. If people read what I write, awesome. If people do not read what I write, I do not mind at all.

Also, I do not care what is the 'cool' thing to do. I have always been my own person. I think it is cool that especially on this website (Odyssey) there are so many people out there that are willing to put out their thoughts and feelings.

Instead of tearing writers down, encourage them. Writing is our voice and our power. Support us. Maybe spend a little bit of time reading out work, and sharing our work.