In our current society, there seems to be this idea that it's not OK to be struggling, hurting, unmotivated, etc. But you know what? It's actually NORMAL to be all of these and more. We may tweet ironic and/or sarcastic things relating to struggles and pain, but we all know that these tweets usually hit us at a much deeper level because they remind us that we are not OK.

Let's just think about this: how many tweets do you read about a hard break up, the deepest kinds of pain, mental health struggles, and more?

And now, how many times do you reflect on that tweet, thinking about how this has taken place in your life? I don't know about anyone else, but I definitely do this every time.

However, reflecting on this pain has shown me that I'm not the only one that is not OK. You know what that means? It's actually normal to not have your life together. Let's be honest: none of us have our lives in order. If you say you do, you're lying to yourself (sorry for the harsh reality!).

I think the saddest part of all of this is that we all experience these extreme lows, but we feel like we are alone during them because we are all too scared to speak up about our pain. The reality is though, that we aren't and we never will be during them. If we don't remind ourselves of this, then we are going to be stuck in these valleys for the rest of our lives; we'll never truly experience a high or beautiful moment because we will be dragging our lows with us in the form of a never-ending chain.

One of my favorite quotes I just want to leave you with is from the song "Dreaming With Our Eyes Open" by Witt Lowry, which is, "The deeper the trench, the higher the peak."

Look, you wouldn't be living if you didn't have the lows in your life, and same for the highs. Life cannot, and never will be a flat line or a plateau. Remember that everyone has experienced lows, and surround yourself with people that are willing to help you through yours. They can do it because they know what the climb out of them is like.

Don't climb up the trench alone, do it together. Experience the reward and beauty of it together. Because hey, neither of you actually have your life together, and that's perfectly OK.