Being 18 in Europe you have access to more things than you do in America. That being said, I do not have experience in an American club to compare. I went to Italy on a guided tour with a few girls I graduated with and one of their moms. After exploring Florence all day, our tour guide asked us if we wanted to go to a club that was around the corner from our hotel. Since it was our last day in Florence, we all thought "why not?" The only way we were allowed to go was if the mom of our group went with us, which was completely fine with us four girls.

After everyone got gelato at the end of the day, our tour guide came to our room and walked us to the club, which was about a five-minute walk away. Getting to the door, we saw that there was a huge line. Our tour guide said "Well, here we are. Go ahead and get in line," and as we were about to walk over to the line, he said "I'm just kidding, follow me," he talked to the bouncer and we went in. I've gotta say, one of the best things about having a tour guide is that you can skip really long lines and you can experience things that you didn't even know you could. Anyway, upon entering we had the choice of a wrist band that allowed us to get alcohol and one that did not. Since this was our first time in a club, not to mention it was in a foreign country, we got the no alcohol wrist band but we were allowed to have one drink.

We got there right as the club opened and there were two stories to it. The bottom had a bar and karaoke with seating near a ramp that lead to the second story. At first, the second floor was closed. When we entered the first floor, there were a ton of people and they were singing "Breaking Free" from High School Musical. I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to understand the music but as they started singing songs like "Hey Soul Sister" and some song from a boy band that I can't remember, I started realizing that the majority of people in the room spoke English. This was a club for people visiting Italy.

Us four girls stayed together while the mom sat down on one of the sofas they had in the back. We sang along with whatever song was requested and I watched this one girl, who was already drunk out of her mind, stand up on the DJ's area and grab on to the railing that was above us. She started swinging on it until some of her friends got her down, she passed us and gave us a peace sign with a smile and not much sooner, they opened the second story. It was like opening a gate, almost the entire floor flooded into the hallway and we followed them. The second story was just a dance floor with a DJ on one end and the ramp on the other with a black box in between that people danced on. There were about five sofas around the room with a rail above us that people could get on but not many people did. However, about an hour into the second floor being open, these two drunk girls went to the top and started twerking over the edge. I was getting worried that they were gonna fall but, luckily, a security guard got them down before anything happened. The four of us danced in a circle with drunk girls coming up and dancing with us on occasion and then leaving to join their friends. We noticed there was a man there, way older than everyone else, we guessed he was about 40 years old and had bad intentions as he was trying to dance with very drunk girls. We kept an eye on him but he was mostly watching. When he got close to us, we rotated our circle so his target was blocked and he would return to the back. We danced for about an hour and a half and we went back downstairs to get some water. Two of us got Redbull which they put in a cup and we went back upstairs.

Almost immediately, boys started dancing with the two of us who had drinks, when they were finished dancing, we went to the bathroom where we met a girl from Australia, then we went back to dancing. This time, someone danced with all of us, someone actually salsa danced with me, one of my friends basically had a small dance battle with someone else, and the other two simply danced. We sang to the music and danced to the beat and then we realized that it was almost two in the morning. So we went back downstairs to grab the mom of our group and we went back to our hotel where we packed our bags to leave in the morning. When we went to breakfast, all the other moms asked about our experience. Then we took our suitcases to the bus and we were off to San Gimignano.