Poetry on Odyssey: It's Too Late

It’s Too Late

Since the beginning, I’ve given my all to make something between us.

I’ve had patience because you weren’t fully ready for commitment.

I opened my heart and soul to you. It was hard to do.

I shared my hopes and dreams, fears and doubts with you.

But I was unable to notice that you didn’t care.

If you didn’t care, why did you act the way you did?

Why did you watch me bloom?

Only to violently rip the pedals of my soul one by one.

If you weren’t ready to commit,

Why were you able to date a girl the day you two met?

Now after all these years, you’re back into my life.

The plague of my heart.

Saying you chose the wrong girl, but you had me once.

You could’ve chosen me then.

But you didn’t, and I won’t be a prize you lost and found.

It’s too late, and I’m not a choice anymore.

I’m the woman you’re not worthy of.
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