Spooky season is creeping up on us, and the first big horror movie of the season hit theaters this past weekend. But besides the ridiculously frightening Pennywise clown, is it really a true horror movie? Or more of...something else?

I remember being very disappointed when I saw the first chapter of the "IT" franchise only two years ago. I thought the acting was fairly good, but I was expecting an absolutely terrifying, and I mean TERRIFYING, movie experience. As a fan of many horror movies, I really wanted to feel scared. I didn't get that out of the first one. Among other criticisms, the whole thing just seemed very all over the place and kind of too funny to be a real horror movie.

Going into the screening on a warm September Saturday night, I felt hopeful that Chapter 2 would be a different story. Overall, I am a fan of the movie franchise. I love the acting, and I think Pennywise the clown is one of the most terrifying-looking horror villains I have ever seen.

I thought this movie was much much better than the first. But not for reasons that you may think. I still don't feel like the scary factor was there. The graphics were much better, so the whole thing didn't seem as ridiculous. There were a lot of creepy scenes with Pennywise terrifying children. The opening scene, although very graphic, was shockingly scary, and it really grabbed my attention. There were also many jumpscares, which is fun when you're in a theater with your friends, but also not fun if you're holding a giant popcorn bag in your lap.

But what really stood out to me, and what really made this movie one I would go see again, is the insanely impressive acting. The actors were phenomenal, and the use of comedy that was embedded in the story had the whole theater chuckling. The movie really knew how to make you care about the characters right away.

No matter how good of a story you think you might have, without the right actors to pull on your heartstrings, you may not have a good story at all.

To conclude my NON-SPOILER and very opinionated review, I definitely encourage you to go see "IT Chapter Two." Although it may not give you nightmares (or maybe it will), it still is an unusual, strange, and somewhat thrilling movie experience. Just make sure you're not holding a huge bin of popcorn while you're watching.