Music is haram in Islam for multiple reasons, with the greatest being that it can instigate Muslims to engage in other impermissible behavior. But music can be hard to avoid nowadays since it plays in nearly every store you shop and even in between newscasts. Resisting the temptation isn't so difficult to do so with practice and time, but you will also feel the urge to substitute it with something other than Quran, and that's where nasheeds (aka naats) come in.

Nasheeds are Islamic "songs" about halal (permissible) topics, minus the music. Here are 11 of my favorite nasheeds to listen to that will get you through this Ramadan and thereafter, inshAllah!

1. Maula Ya Salli Wa Sallim

Nasheeds come in all languages, and this one's in Arabic but comes with English lyrics.

2. Allahu

3. Ya Ilahi

4. Catch Me When I Fall

I found this nasheed during the first week of Ramadan and instantly fell in love with the soothing sound and how connected it made me feel to Allah (swt).

5. Mohammad Ka Roza (The Fast Of Mohammad)

This one's in Urdu and an all-time Desi auntie favorite.

6. Mera Dil Badal Dai (Change My Heart)

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7. Ya Tayba

8. SubhanAllah

There are many variations of this nasheed, and this rendition is one of the most well-known.

9. 99 Names Of Allah

There has never been an easier way to memorize all 99 names of Allah (swt)!

10. Allah Knows

For when you're feeling sad, alone and broken, this nasheed will cradle you every time and just let you feel.

11. Allah Knows Everything

This is the absolute cutest nasheed by far, and even if you didn't hear it as a kid, you can catch up on all the fun and memories when this replays itself in your head. It's also the best nasheed to have on in the car and before you know, it will have everything singing along!