If you were to ask any A Day to Remember (ADTR) fan they would all say something similar. “They put on a great show,” or “They are amazing entertainers”. For me, and so many more others, I would say they do put on a great show and that their music varies in so many ways, but the main reason why I like ADTR is because they have saved me in my darkest times. Their lyrics speak to me on a level that many bands can’t do. There are only a few bands that can pull me out of a strong depression, and ADTR is one of them.

Although people may be scared of some of their music because there is some screaming in it, not all of their songs are like that. Their music style varies, but it is always rock. They are from Ocala, Florida and were founded in 2003. Since then, they have released five albums and are going to release a sixth this September. This is a big deal for their fans because they have not released a new album since 2013. The albums they have released since becoming a band are “And Their Name Was Treason” (2005), “For Those Who Have Heart” (2007), “Homesick” (2009), “What Separates Me From You” (2010) and “Common Courtesy” (2013). Their new album, “Bad Vibrations” is a mix of all different styles of their music, and so far they have released 3 songs off their album: “Bad Vibrations,” “Paranoia,” and “Bullfight”. In addition to these songs, they have released the album song list.

One thing that is very unique about ADTR is that they created an annual event for people who are struggling with any sort of mental or emotional issue. This event is called Self Help Fest, and the idea came about when Jeremy McKinnon, the lead singer of ADTR, was talking to his girlfriend and she mentioned that their shows did more than just entertain people--they actually help people. The first year they did it, it was in San Bernardino, California. They have also had a Self Help Fest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but it is mostly done in San Bernardino.

"Bad Vibrations", will be so much different than former albums made from the band, and on their website they have a description of what made this album different. Jeremy said that they rented a cabin in Colorado and sat in the room, all five of them, and just created the album. Jeremy also said this may change the way they make their music. I am very excited for this album because, even though they have only released three songs, all three are completely different. I love that about them, because they always have something different in the works and you can tell none of their music is repeated, as some bands do. They are really good entertainers as well--when I went to their concert in May, I was so excited because they had all sorts of things going on for their show, including confetti, beach balls, and t-shirt guns. They also had a huge circle pit; I had never seen one before and this was the size of a volleyball court, or even bigger. I can never get tired of their music. They have helped me through the rough times in my life, and they stopped me from myself and my own thoughts.

If you don’t know who ADTR is, I highly suggest looking them up and listening to such songs as "Have Faith In Me" and "Paranoia". It may not be for everyone, but for those who like that type of music, it may just make you a huge fan like I am. Check out their website here. To hear their music right away you can check out their YouTube channel here.