As a society, we have become accustomed to many social norms — one of the most important being attending college. Want to make your parents the happiest people on earth? Say the simple words…. “I’m majoring in Law/Medicine/or Education,” as those are known as the “smart choices.” But with as much debt and stress as we go through just to secure a job, shouldn’t we do what we love?

When I was little, I remember telling my parents I wanted to be a chef or artist, and their automatic response was, “That’s great honey, but you need to choose something more realistic.” Understandable, but a bit contradicting when parents also tell you your entire life to dream big. I was always interested in art, especially more in the layout of things. But when high school rolled around and the pressure was on to start thinking about college, I took a few anatomy classes and figured nursing would be a decent career that would definitely please everyone. As I began freshman year of college in the nursing program at my university, I began to slowly realize that this was not something I was interested in doing the rest of my life at all. But how could I change my major? My parents were already joyfully telling their friends how proud they were of their daughter, the future nurse.

By the end of the semester, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to make a change to benefit myself, and that is when I discovered graphic design. I am now ending my sophomore year and am absolutely in love with my major. Looking forward to going to class every day and excited for what the future holds in my career. But even with happiness, I can still see the forced support and worry in my parents' eyes.

Especially with so many college graduates now, the job search is a bit more difficult. But as difficult as it may be, should we not choose something off the path of the “social norm” to do something we are passionate about? Any field in the arts can be scary career-wise, but if you have a love for doing it then you should go for it. What is the point in dreaming big if the restraints of judgment from others will hold you back? If you have the determination for it, your goals are attainable. Primarily with the advancement/rise of technology in today’s society, graphic designing, in particular, is rising in the career field. There should be no negative connotation with any major at all. Any major in college is a viable career; it just depends on the determination you have to make it happen.

We are the generation that has made the most strides creatively and technologically. We are the generation that takes risks. So we need to be the generation to follow our dreams to make them a reality, no matter what is determined to be normal. There is no wrong major in college, but only the right one that fits your passion.