I know that, well around the holidays, we all somehow seem to forget the history of most of our favorite holiday more, in particular, this time of the year, regarding Thanksgiving. Did we all forget about Christopher Columbus? I hope not, but just in case here is a small teaser/a good chunk of his whole story of Thanksgiving. Since 1937, when Thanksgiving was set a traditional holiday, which is over 80 years ago, we have all been gathering around the table, passing plates and covering left overs. The holiday to those who know this story, know it as it based on enslavement, theft and a genocide, Columbus literally claimed he "discovered America", when in reality over a million North Americans were already living here? Not to mention how natives were forced into his personal slavery and had either their limbs cut off or were killed if they did not find enough gold. Oh and if the enslavement, theft or genocide weren't enough to wrap our mind around this holiday season, in the midst of all the turmoil of an entire community, the natives were stricken were incredible diseases brought over by Columbus and his sailor team.

I think the main reason, we all seem to forget, is due to the utter lack of information provided in your "high school textbooks", which in fact are told to NOT print that information. This seems kinda odd doesn't it? Providing the youth, with no supporting evidence to this national tragedy, and for out "so called hero". But what if this whole day, comes down to just absolutely loving Thanksgiving food. What do we do then? Do we make a special day, and I mean special day, dedicated to the infamous fall food? I'd be down for that, but what I, and others should as well, have to remind myself is not many people will be willing to give up a holiday they have been celebrating since before they can remember. But, what I think is half of the importance, is raising awareness to those who are unsure about this tragic history, and for textbooks to start publishing the truth behind these two famous holidays, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving. We need the truth of our country, and sadly without the literal publishing and teaching of this sort of history so young, we will never be able to grasp the next generation and we will just keep covering and covering the secrets our country, keeps private.

But don't get me wrong, I love a good pumpkin pie, brussel sprouts, and stuffing. But as a grow older and more aware, the guilt and shame attached to this holiday makes it almost impossible to have the same excitement I did as a kid. The only thing wrong with this holiday, is that as Americans, we tolerate this sort of thing...and we seem to be okay with turning a blind eye.

But, hey! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Glaze that turkey, bake those pies and well, just try and remind Uncle Paul about the importance and of celebrating this "holiday"!!!