Is Technology Ruining Relationships?

Is Technology Ruining Relationships?

When social media becomes a part of your relationship it is never good.


Does anyone else wish they grew up in the 50s when dates were to the drive through and sock hops and not Netflix and Chill? Maybe not everyone wants to grow up in a different generation, but some might want to go back to the times when social media wasn't very prominent in our lives. In my opinion social media and technology, in any form, severely hamper any potential or current relationships. Everyone is so concerned about when the other person is going to get back to their text, or a 'like' on social medias such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Imagine living in a world without cell phones, technology, and social media. Would you survive? How on earth would you show someone you liked them unless you favorited their tweet or shared their post? You would have to do it the "old-fashioned way" and actually speak face to face with the person you wished to talk to. Social media cripples us all by not allowing us to be able to talk in person with another human being. We have become so accustomed to texting or tweeting and we become so used to not having a real conversation with someone. As a result of this, potential relationships end up suffering because someone can be so smooth and confident over text or twitter, but when you have a real conversation with them, they can barely speak to the other person without emojis or gifs or any other technological aid.

Social media is also bad for existing relationships. In today's society, people are so concerned with who their significant other may be instant messaging or whose pictures they are liking. There are features on every social media app to see what someone else has liked, shared, retweeted, etc. This can cause rocky relationships due to jealousy and exaggeration. Many arguments and blows to couples relationships occur because one member of the relationship 'liked' another person's picture. If we were back in the 50s where there was so no Twitter to see if your bae retweeted another girl's tweet,and only trust and honesty, then there would be no reason to feel jealous of a 'like.'

Overall, I believe that technology, specifically social media, is very dangerous for relationships. Everyone thinks someone is cheating on them because they 'liked' someone else's photo or because they're friends on Snapchat. There is something people should have in a relationship, and its called trust. It's what people had before technology.

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