Iron Man a Hero? Not Really.
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Iron Man Is Not Really A Hero

Tony Stark shouldn't be an Avenger.

Iron Man Is Not Really A Hero

With the new "Avengers" film on the way, we Marvel fans are getting ready to be emotionally traumatized all over again. The original six are left, and rumors are circulating that only two of them will survive in the end.

In going back and rewatching every Marvel movie after the death of our beloved Stan Lee, I came to a realization.

Tony Stark is an absolutely terrible person when it comes down to it, and I do have some backing for that claim.

First thing's first, he really wasn't even supposed to be apart of the Avengers Initiative in the first place. In his owns words, he's "Volatile, self-obsessed, and doesn't play well with others," according to the "Avengers" and "Iron Man 2." After Natasha was sent to check in on him, he was originally passed on because of his massive ego. Granted, he's grown up some since, but still. It's definitely there.

Tony Stark's ego knows no bounds or limitations.

Another reason that totally makes Tony look bad is that "Age of Ultron" is literally about he and Bruce creating an AI without consulting the team, which became Ultron, who tried to destroy the plant by dropping an inhabited city on it. After Ultron attacked the Avengers, they called for him to be shut down, a request that Tony blatantly refused, as he did with the next two requests as well. So to recap, he didn't want to shut down a murder bot that tried to destroy the planet...come on Tony!

The final reason is that he lied to the team about the Sokovia Accords, which was a document that basically he tried to force on them to get them to be under government control. Not only did he lie about the Accords, but he also brought in Thaddeus Ross, who tried to murder Bruce Banner, to introduce the documents. This action split the team, doing the exact thing that Tony claimed to not want. Another thing to note still is that Tony recruited AN ACTUAL MINOR, regardless of whether or not he's Spider-Man, to help fight against his teammates. Oh, and aside from the lying, the choice in a mediator, the minor, there's also the underground max security prison...or is that what "retiring" meant? No? Okay, glad that wasn't just me. Which is probably why Natasha and Rhodes decided to stop working with him and that reason Tony refused to call Steve for help, leaving Bruce to tell Steve about Thanos coming.

All of Tony's actions, as a whole, weakened the team and brought about the split. His blatant disregard for his so-called "friends" brought about the unfolding of "Infinity War," and we're all still in pain over that. The Russo's even said in an interview that the only reason that they were defeated by Thanos was that Steve and Tony weren't together in the fight. Meaning that the whole team was apart until almost the very end.

So yeah, thanks, Stark, you did a great job.

We didn't want to go.

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