The Iron Giant follows Holden Caulfield, a young boy 12 years age, who has no friends other than piles of scrap. At school he is bullied everyday because he talks to the squirrels that live in his family's breadbox. Holden’s mom works in a diner and the father may have died in a war but this is a kids movie so he’s just not mentioned. One day some guy imitating a beatnik comes into the diner and verbally degrades holden and his mother prompting an attack from the bread squirrels. He leaves, leaving no tip, and runs into the Iron Giant. The Iron Giant is a big Golem made out of scrap that is fueled by Holden’s resentment, dreams, and childhood whimsy. The Golem is essentially a baby and thus Holden has to teach it everything. For some reason the loser beatnik doesn’t tell the government about this giant killer robot that could definitely destroy the whole U.S because it can survive a nuclear missile strike. At this time the U.S only had about three of those bad boys lying around. Oh the robot also has laser eyes and can destroy tanks with a single punch.

Anyway, no one says anything about the mega death robot and somehow they keep it hidden in a garage. The Robot’s actually pretty nice until the government finds it and shoots it with everything they have which are in effect pea shooter to the GIANT METAL SCRAP ROBOT. The Robot proceeds to go on a rampage until Holden calms the beasts rage with true love's kiss. After this the robot flies into space and stops a nuke the government thought was okay to aim at a town in the U.S. showing us that anything goes in depression Era U.S.A. It’s a miracle we came back from that. So the robot stops the missile and breaks into a million pieces. The movie ends with the many bolts, arms, and legs of the robot slowly moving back towards the robots severed head in a scene straight out of a Stephen King novel, leaving millions of kids wondering when the Iron Giant will come to steal them from their beds and eat them.

I give this movie a 10/10, I think about it and shiver everyday.